Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Educated Arabs in Israel

Just spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to show tables and graphs in a blog. There must be a way, but I didn't find it. Which is too bad, since I've come across some interesting ones. They come from a publication of the Abraham Foundation, an outfit that seeks to promote equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel. No, they're not radical lefties, they're actually a fine organization with an important goal. The title of the publication is
החברה הערבית בישראל - אוגדן מידע
and it's got lots of data about the Arabs in Israel, from May 2009. The term Arab is from the publication, which isn't troubling itself with the taxonomy, rather the reality.

The theme of Israel's Arab citizens is a political minefield, with endless room for manipulation in whichever direction the manipulator wishes to go - which is why I wanted to show a chart from the publication which gives some perspective. It traces the level of education of Jews and Arabs in Israel since 1961. Since I can't show the graph, here are the numbers:

The median education of Jews and Arabs since 1961:
1961: 8.4 years of schooling
1970: 9.3
1975: 10.3
1985: 11.5
1990: 11.9
1995: 12.2
2000: 12.5
2007: 12.8

The Jews in Israel stay in school ever longer, though the increase has been slow since the 1980s.

1961: 1.2
1970: 5.0
1975: 6.5
1980: 7.5
1985: 8.6
1990: 9.0
1995: 10.2
2000: 11.2
2007: 11.3

The Arabs in Israel stay in school ever longer, but their point of departure was abysmal, and they have almost caught up.

I'd say Israel must be doing something right, but that would be to go beyond the data. In this post I wished merely to present the data.


Dimitry said...

Trsaving the graph as a picture and then posting it. You can always use printscreen for this if everything else fails :)

Gavin said...

How does your education system work Yaacov... are junior classes state funded... is there a fixed curriculum for all students up to a certain level? Language? Do Jewish & Arab kids attend the same schools/classes or is there a distinct separation?

History lessons must be interesting.

Regards, Gavin

Anonymous said...

You can use Google Docs. Here are the basic steps.

* Create a Spreadsheet.
* Enter a table of data.
* In the "Insert" menu, select Chart.
* The Chart tool helps you to build your chart. This tool looks a little bit like the Excel Chart tool.
* Save the chart.
* Single-click on the chart. In the corner of the chart "window", a context menu appears. Click "Publish chart".
* The publish action will give you an HTML image tag that you can embed in your blog post markup.

I have created a chart based on your data, below. But you will find that this is very easy to do. Blogger does not allow me to post the img tag, so I am just posting the URL.


I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for your thoughtful commentary.

- Z.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Need to use HTML, Yaacov. Here's a primer.