Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spontaneous logistics

Achikam got home for the weekend, as is customary the first weekend in the army (things go downhill from there...). This morning he went back to his base, as did many tens of thousands of other soldiers, all of them toting gigantic backpacks full of clean laundry and other essentials not supplied by the army. The backpacks all get stashed in the storage compartments of busses. Well, Achikam got off his bus in Beer Sheva... and no backpack! I would have panicked more than he did, but he wasn't pleased, and called me to ask what now. I told him he should call his sargeant (they all have cellphones these days).

15 minutes later he called back. Apparently, someone at the central bus station in Jerusalem noticed that his backpack had been bumped off the bus to Beer Sheva, and so they put it onto the next bus. Once it arived in Beer Sheva, someone noticed an orphaned backpack (with name tag), so they paged him. Well, sort of: They paged the soldier Achikam Lozowick who had lost his pack, but warned that if he didn't hurry up they'd call the bombsquad.

Don't let anyone tell you we aren't models of efficiency.

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