Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hizbullah: The British Empire was a Zionist Crime

Hizbullah's top foreign affairs person, one Nawaf al-Moussawi, does what you'd expect a Minister of Foreign Affairs to do: he meets his counterparts from other countries, and there-by acquires the legitimacy of a sovereign government. In this case it was the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aud Lise Norheim. And what does the Norwegian have to show for this gesture? Actually, an interesting tidbit. It turns out that the Hizbullah official doesn't accept the so-called Blue Line, drawn by United Nations officials in 2000 so that Israel would know where its border with Lebanon really is, and would move back behind it.

The reason Moussawi gives for Hizbullah's rejection of this UN decision is that
Al-Moussawi continued to address different lines that were marked in southern Lebanon. "The Zionist terror organizations moved the borderline that was set in 1920 to a new line in 1923 – a line that robbed Lebanon of seven villages and some 20 farms. We must be alert of attempts to show the Blue Line as a border that would rob Lebanon of millions of square meters of its national land."
That's correct. The Zionist terror organizations who drew the line in 1923 between British territory and French territory, they can't be allowed to succeed at their evil machinations.

Actually, Zionist conspiracies aside, I'd be willing to accept the principle that lines drawn by imperial and colonial powers before living memory might perhaps not be the best way for countries to determine the lines between them, given that none of them existed when the lines were drawn. But I'm not certain that's what this Hizbullah fellow had in mind.

I also ask myself what the Norwegian person said when faced with this gibberish? Argued about it, perhaps? I'll bet not. I'm not even certain if he (she?) recognized it for what it is. In any case, you can be reasonably sure that sooner rather than later outlets such as the Guardian will begin to parrot Moussawi's clam about how the Israelis moved that line when no-one was looking, 25 years before their state existed. Remember: You saw it here first.


Anonymous said...


What happened to Nasrallah?

Last I heard he was recovering from a poisoning. And, now? He fell off the Hizbullah label?

Does it matter what these lunatics spew?

Perhaps, the bigger question would be How Come the Brits, who were nearly bankrupted fighting Hitler; go to the Mideast and reward the arabs ... after having found them in bed with Germany, twice.

Diplomacy gets to be so upside-down, it's hard to tell, sometimes, the real winners, from the real losers. Just a bunch of whining groups.

Meanwhile, Lebanon is where the best marijuana grows! So, really. You don't want to open your borders! Why make it easy to poison your own citizens?

While arabs are tribal enough to be divided into factions. They even have enough hatreds to go around, that they kill each other. Even better, they don't have to get drunk to do this! But they do suck on those marijuana leaves! You mean you didn't know?

You thought all this crap comes from normalcy?

No. It doesn't.

Anonymous said...

one question regarding all this moaning about frontiers drawn with a ruler:

can anybody tell me of a "naturally evolved" frontier that has not been contested over and over and over again -
if you need an example of a truly bloody frontier look at France and Germany ...
no matter how careful you go about establishing a frontier it will always be a dangerous place even if originally agreed on amicably by both parties, one of them is certain to sooner or later undergo a change of mind ...

SKH said...

Jonas Gahr Støre is the foreign minister of Norway, Norheim is embassador to Lebanon I think.

Yaacov said...


You're right. I stand corrected.