Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Extremists - 2

The Pakistani terrorists who decided to murder Jews as part of their hate of things Indian certainly reminded us of how fundamental antisemitism is to their Weltanschauung. Now however, it appears that murdering wasn't enough, they also tortured their victims before murdering them; and the Jews were tortured worse than all the others.

Israel has its violent and ugly extremists, and a showdown with them will come. Their ugliness, however, isn't even remotely similar to these monsters. Nor is their number similar.

(I found this through Jeffrey Goldberg's important blog).


Anonymous said...


9 Jews were killed. And, yes, tortured. The terrorists got in because they commandeered a police vehicle.

Why were Jews targets? Because they are small in number, when it comes to choosing Mumbai, (or Bombay), or probably most other Indian cities, as a place to live. (The Indians don't have to import in math wizards, either.) Not that Chabbad offers math wizards.

The other thing to know. And, to know this like the back of your hands; is that the Jews, so few in number, lived in SAFETY in India!

As a matter of fact, in the discussions, ahead, the terrorists did not grow antisemites. All they grew was a strong awareness among India's Hindus, and Buddists. And, Secular, majorities; is that there's something very ugly about Islam right now. (And, there are 200,000,000 muzzies living in Mumbai, and the surrounds.)

I give the Indian population credit. They are grieved by these terrible deaths to innocents.

And, if nothing else, they stayed glued to their TV's for days, as it all played out.

As to the "tortured worse than others?" Here, I'm not so sure you're getting more than a headline blip. Seems a few very wealthy men also got killed and tortured. But no cameras have been allowed in the morgue.

I also think that the terrorist who first got beaten "by the mob" ... (where some sort of hand injury was inflicted; meaning "somehow" the AK-47 held in this hand, "got dropped.") Still goes unexplained.

But they said he began talking, when he saw a body of one of his fellows. With gunshot wounds through both eyeballs.

Of course, "buying into" a story "that my wounds are worse than yours; and Jews get the nazi treatment," happens to be a LIE.

You'd do yourselves a big favor if you saw the difference between Indians and Germans. (And, today, plenty of germans grieve their own loss of stature; due to what happened when their grandparents embraced hitler.)

And, of course, embraced stalin. Too bad, among the grandpas doing this "embracing" were plenty of Jewish men and women who were living in America.

Terrorism is for the cowardly.

It's time to move on.

It's time to deal honestly with the terrorists being raised by rabbis, who find Israeli citizens, in the IDF, or working for the police; just doing their jobs.

Of course, it's too late! You're raising them without the capacity to hold day jobs!

And, you use the lunacy of claiming "Jews are different," and, "Jews get it worse," to ignite the fires of extremists. Just as it once worked with the communists. (Or the euphamism during the 1930's ... and the bane of Roosevelt: The "isolationists.") Believe it or not it was the "peace camp" that was the most dangerous.

When FDR was running for his 3rd term, in 1940, he began calling out against the members of the HOUSE, that attacked him for wanting to deal with hitler. He called out: "MARTIN, BARTON & FISH." And, back then? People knew there was little taste for war in Europe.

Until Stalin got attacked. Nu?

The craziest things appear when you study history, effectively.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Israel has its violent and ugly extremists, and a showdown with them will come. Their ugliness, however, isn't even remotely similar to these monsters.

Below is a transcript from a Ynet news item which describes the torture of a Palestinian by an Israeli soldier. The Israeli had stolen the Palestinian's tobacco; the Palestinian complained and the Israeli first beat him, then twisted a piece of metal wire around the Arab's wrist with animal force until he tore his flesh and it was impossible to remove the wire. The Palestinian lost his hand.

This was a man savagely tortured just because he was a Palestinian. Yes, Yaacov: the ugliness of Israeli soldiers is very similar to that of Pakistani terrorists.


Metal wire causes loss of hand:

Interviewer: "What happened?"

Soldier: "Just this Arab… The soldier stole a tobacco box from him. "Suddenly the Arab came and yelled, 'thieves, thieves, I saw you.' He got close to the soldier and we tried to keep him away… We didn't know about the stealing.

"The soldier started to beat him, and everyone started pushing… It became a situation where the Arab was being beaten up badly.

"Then the soldier took a metal wire. He was really screwed up. Grabbed the Arab and started to twist it around…"

Interviewer: "On his hand?"

Soldier: "Yeah, he really twisted it. I tell you, we tried to stop him. 'No, I won't let him go. He lifted a hand on me, he'll be punished.' Around and around… Afterwards we tried to get it off and we couldn't, it actually made a groove in his hand. It was blue. And the guy is yelling, 'I can't feel my hand anymore.'

"I said he would have to have his hand cut off. We even tried to dig with a knife, to get it off, but we couldn't… We told him to go to the hospital. Nothing to do, we couldn't cut the wire off."

Yaacov said...

Thank you Ibrahim. I rest my case.

About them and about you.