Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Hospital

Someone in Lebanon who just happened to have some old Katyusha rockets lying around shot them off at Nahariya this morning. Apparently it wasn't the Lebanese military, nor was it the other Lebanese military Hezbullah. It could have been all sorts of people, we're told. Lebanon is that sort of place: have rockets, will shoot. Or, conversely, "If you build it (a Jewish State) they will come (with their rockets, suicide vests, or whatever else seems appropriate)"

All the systems immediately kicked in, since we've learned our lessons from 2006. The mayor got on the radio and announced the school children would go home. The IDF commander who's in charge of such things got on the radio and made his announcements, most of which were to assure the listeners that before getting on the radio he had checked this that and the other, and everything was in place.

The head of the municipal hospital was also called onto the broadcast. Veteran readers of this blog will have noticed that hospitals interest me for what they tell about their society, so of course I listened closely. He told about the two nice old ladies that had been injured but would be OK, and that the underground wing of the hospital with its wards, operating theatres and everthing was operative, and that he was in connection with the mayor and the army and everyone else and it's all under control. He's got an important job, and in times of war it gets even more important.

His name, by the way, is Massad Barhoum, and he's an Arab.


kai said...

Great story!

What strikes me in these days, is that the anti-Israel voodoo doesn't only shift their judgement over Israel relative to reality - it rather put the reality upside down. If Israel is better than us in many (most) ways - well, then we depict them as pure evil.
Same thing happened earlier: as I learned from Yehuda Bauer: the Nazis didn't shift moral standards, they put them upside down.

Now you may ask: why this similarity?

Anonymous said...


Basically, you can "thank" Sarkozy, who went to Assad, in syria. And, then found himself the FLOP. (Since Merkel won't go along with france, right now.)

The tossers of the Lebanese missiles were IRANIAN to PALESTINIAN pushes. And, Israel has told Lebanon that if they think there's no response, they should think, again. Because the IAF will blast to kingdom come any village, or entity which sends a rock, across.

Here, the response was minor. But so, too, was the "toss."

While Hamas is being defeated on the ground, all along the Philadelphi route; which won't be left eygpt to monitor. There will be deep holes in the ground. To save "monitoring chores," ahead.

There must have been a reason Arik Sharon, in 2005, decided NOT to build a canal through the Philadelphi route. (I think it had something to do with not wanting the french coming in and giving gaza a deep port of entry.)

Today, and part of this campaign, has been the reality that the smuggling tunnels had to be "checked."

Everything else earns bonus points.