Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cole Really Really Doesn't Get It

Juan Cole warns Israel not to spoil the party:
There are rumors that the Israeli government may declare a unilateral cease fire Saturday. They had better. Because if they ruin the Obama inauguration by splashing the bloody bodies of dead Palestinian children all over the press during the next few days, no Americans, even the most pro-Israeli, are going to forgive them. The war has left 1,140 Palestinians dead, over 300 children, and over 5,000 wounded including many women and children, as well as 13 Israelis (4 of them civilians killed by rocket fire). We pay for these wars, we provide the fighter jets, bombs, and tanks. And we don't want our money used for this sanguinary purpose in the first place; we have enough to be guilty about all on our own. And we especially don't want to hear a peep from over there while we swear in our first African-American president.
Newsflash for Cole: after 2,000 years, the Jews have reacquired sovereignty. This doesn't mean they can do whatever they wish, even the USA can't do that; indeed Israel generally tries to stay on the good side of the Americans, their best friends; but "generally" isn't "automatically and always". If we had our druthers, we wouldn't be on the agenda of the American president at all, and we'd be mentioned in the media only rarely, as the place top technology companies open R&D units in, an occasional Nobel Prize winner hails from, and a fine place to visit if you're into history and archeology. We'd be fine with that. However, if we need to spoil your party in order to defend ourselves, that's just what we'll have to do. Sorry, but we've got our priorities.


KeaponLaffin said...

Read this and just had to comment.
This is sick and twisted dark humor on so many levels I can't even describe.
1st is the utter arrogance. 2nd is also the utter arrogance.
Heavily paraphrased : Yer gonna ruin our historic Presidential Inauguration!
Yea, so what. Israel is a sovereign nation. You really expect em to stop defending themselves just because Americans(like myself, but not cause I never bother to watch these 'parties' no matter who it is..tho I will be drinking heavily that day for other reasons) are having a parade?
America is having a HUGE BBQ! Stop the War, yer killing our buzz...Seriously? Is that your argument?

2nd arrogance: All Americans support Obama and the parade/whatever and will be a lille bit more than mildly annoyed that Israel was too busy killing terrorists to take a moment to revere this historic event?!?
Umm..not so much. And again, Re: Israel is a sovereign nation.

As an American, the only response I would expect from an Israeli to our Historic Election of a Black Man to President of the United States of America would be:

Good for you *pat on the back* (possibly some mention of the number of Arabs in the Knesset) Now I gotta go protect my country/family from psychos.

I can't help it, the very idea that Israel continuing the war thru the US Inauguration would cause ALL or even most Americans to withdraw support from Israel is way beyond ludicrous. The only American folk this is going to annoy is folks who already hate you. So, whatever. :(

Splashman said...

Translation from Colespeak: "How dare you defend yourselves while we're having a party! You nearly made me spill my chardonnay!!!!"


Frankly Opinionated said...

This American doesn't have a clue who Juan Cole is, thank GOD! And he don't speak for me nor my neighbors, who don't give a ratzass about the upcoming inauguration of someone who hasn't convinced us as yet that he is even qualified for the job. Don't miss a beat Israel. Go IDF, Go!
nuf sed

Anonymous said...

Frankly Opinionated: You can be excused for not knowing who Juan Cole is - not everyone, after all, is well informed. However, it's exceedingly bad form to leave your turd in the inaugural punch bowl.
The better man won. Live with it.

Laura SF said...

"The better man won. Live with it."

Oh? And I'm sure you said EXACTLY the same thing when George W. was elected (both times)? Uh huh.

And why *should* anyone know who Juan Cole is - given he's a fake and an ignoramus. I'm sure *you* know the name of every half-assed academic and useless pundit on the planet, Mr. Well-Informed?