Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Guardian Declares Victory for Hamas

I don't see how there can be any other reading of this article.

It is this that might render pyrrhic any victory that Israel claims. Hamas seems likely to survive with a capacity to fire rockets - even if it chooses not to. And the experience of Israel's own anti-smuggling operations on Gaza's Rafah border was that, with even troops on the ground, it could not destroy all the tunnels. But most important of all is Hamas's position in Palestinian society and its influence. If it comes through the past three weeks with more support, and more unified with its rivals, then it seems hard to see what real benefits Israel will have gained, save to have conducted a savage demonstration of power.

Everyone always knew that once the campaign was over, Hamas would declare victory. Now we know - not to our surprise - that their PR people in the UK work at the Guardian offices.

(Assuming the campaign is over - which it may be, here's hoping, but it may not be).

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Anonymous said...


Exactly, here, so what?

It's like the Nobel committee unable to see Einstein as an "original thinker." Does it change the 20th Century for ya? If so, in what meaningful way?

Even Richard Feynmann, thought having to "walk backwards" when he was in the presence of the sveedish king-a-la; hopped backwards and made like a bunny rabbit.

Prizes don't cure cancer.

Prizes are worthless trophies.

And, yes, the world's known a few.

If prizes were so important? You'd have one instead of a belly button.

As to europeans, FDR gave them no respect. Why not? Because they didn't take care of hitler, when taking care of him was easy.

Seems europeans keep demonstrating that having eyes and ears aren't enough. Lessons don't seem to penetrate through the aristocratic feathers.