Friday, January 16, 2009

Hamas Hates Palestinians

Ethan Bronner of the New York Times went into Gaza, as far as the IDF would let him, and came back to report:
Israeli Merkava tanks plowed through potato and strawberry fields on Thursday as paratroopers guarded their ground, a mix of ruins that once were handsome two-story houses and farm fields that had been turned into rocket-launching pads against Israel by Hamas.
No doubt in some future report he'll tell us about the destruction wrought by the IDF, but in this report he makes it clear that Hamas bears significant responsibility, not only for provoking the IDF by shooting at Israeli citizens, but also for the destruction of Palestinian homes, as many as one third of which have been booby trapped - which means, the explosives that brought them down were put there by Hamas.

Nice people. Always on the lookout for ways best to serve their citizens.


Anonymous said...


Arabs, in general, are tribal. They "get along" with people within their genetic pool. And, that's about it.

You could learn a lot ... as many of you probably already know. Arabs have habits where they just don't get along. And, then they lie about it. They seek out those who will give them the space to lie to their heart's content.

While, so far, all we know is that TRUTH is getting out of bed now, and sticking one leg at a time into a pair of old-fashioned pants.

Bush? He thinks by lying, and not getting challenged; that he "won."

I beg to differ.

Plus, with OBAMA coming in on Tuesday, you have to wonder? Do the sauds have any more surprises up their skirts?

Yeah. Yeah. The Clintons are coming back on the international stage. Hillary gets Condi Rice's role. And, given how much money the Clinton's have pocketed ... you just never know if the sauds think they've got another "pal" in their boat, to replace Dubya.

I have no idea.

I think it's foolish to say for sure what happens in the future. This hasn't been a talent gifted to humans. Even computers can only "guess." And, you know what's been said, don't cha, about that? Garbage in. Garbage out.

Dubya got a whole 8 years! But I think this was a judgement that "happened" where the cleverer heads in Israel decided to give the man all the rope he needs. Eventually? Up when the Bush, BURNING! Go figa that a nincompoop would destroy a family's political legacy "just like that."

Even if you haven't gotten the whole story; give it time.

The TRUTH always remains JUICY.

Lies turn old and stale.

And, Americans don't cotton to european weenies.

Americans favor the LONESOME HERO. So think of it this way: Israel is in good company.

The score? It's been known for a long, long time.

As to Dubya, a recent poll shows he is exiting with only a 34% approval rating. (And, this is with so much stuff HIDDEN in a pack of lies!)

I know Olmert's not "liked" by some. But some day? His approval rates will fly much higher than "da burning bush." That stinking bush burned for 8 years! Arik Sharon and Olmert worked a miracle.

You don't want to tell?

Doesn't matter. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I think Ethan Bronner is a definitive improvement over Steven Erlanger who wrote tolerably but talked differently when interviewed in on the of Times's Back Stories
whereas up to now Ethan Bronner speaks with one voice in his articles and when interviewed
rgds, Silke