Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jefferey Goldberg on Rayyan

Goldberg, who speaks Arabic, knew Nizzar Rayyan, and apparently talked to him at length. It makes for chilling reading.

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Anonymous said...


What do you need to know?

Rayyan executed his oldest son; by sending him to be a suicide bomber. So, even as a father he was a failure. You think he's getting raisins, now?

It was also Rayyan's philosophy that the Jews were weak because he could stop their military with human shields.

In one case? A family went up on the roof. And, down came an Israeli pilot, with a 20 mm cannon attached to his "ship." Letting off a round, the family fled the roof. And, then the missile went in. And, the building came down. Leading to secondary explosions.

One of the things Livni has said is that the EQUATION HAS CHANGED.

Now, to use human shields is to become the responsible party.

Oh, I don't expect the IDF to "stay long." Though I won't be surprised if there's a military route that cuts gazoo in half. And, that also occupies the Philadelphi route; until an international force can come inside. I doubt the egyptians want these arabs. And, this is also true for Jordan.

Lebanon? Can stay quiet. Or not. But among the arabs? After Bush ducked the flying shoes, I think there's an awareness that they can get hurt IF they challange Bush, now. He still has two weeks in office. And, the military vested in Israel's success.

Stop worrying about the freaks of nature. Will the arabs in gazoo calm down?

Did you know Hamas is going around and attacking their own? Saying that they have a right to kill fatah supporters.

What you don't see would fill a book. And, all you have so far, are the cries of a bunch of women.

It doesn't translate to what's at stake. And, why this won't be called Lebanon 2006. (When Bush wanted Olmert to go into syria and take Assad's head off. SO he could hand prizes to his friends, the saud's.)

You have no idea how good the government in Israel has been, under the circumstances.