Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Tragi-Comic Relief

This is coursing round cyberspace these days. I don't know its provenance, but see no reason to think it's faked. Hating Jews is not an activity only ignoramuses engage in, on the contrary, but also they. Moreover, they are sometimes helpful because their lack of sophistication makes clear what the issues really are.


Anonymous said...

But Minute Maid can't be anti-juice because Minute Maid is a kind of Juice.

Butchie! said...

It is real, and it makes sense.

By proclaiming death to all "juice" - he can be openly genocidal (a hate crime) without being held accountable by police.

Death to all Juice = Death to Jews, and you can't stop me from saying it.

Butchie! said...

In a way, this sign shows sophistication and intelligence in avoiding hate crime laws in the UK.

I think a lawyer somewhere should use this opportunity to look at the law again, and if necessary make revisions.

rashkov said...

haha, I enjoyed reading the pithy last line, and then glancing back at the picture to find out what the issue really is.