Monday, January 5, 2009

A Musing on Weapons

The media is full these days of talk about the handmade Hamas rockets. As a general rule, anyone who uses this terminology is doing so to belittle Israel's actions, as in "all that modern weaponry against some handmade rockets?"

Which is interesting. I'm reasonably sure many of the people who talk this way are adherents of strict gun control or even banning private possession of guns, if they're Americans; or they're the type of people who giggle snottily over American gun-owners, if they're Europeans. A Hamas handmade rocket is vastly more dangerous than any handgun, for all that it's indeed less lethal than a smart bomb shot from a helicopter; actually even that isn't quite accurate since the smart bomb can kill combatants among civilians while a kassam can only be aimed in a general direction, such as "that town over there".

A whiff of hypocrisy, perchance?


Anonymous said...

Anybody who is calling the Quassams "home made" - makes the bombardement of civilian homes in Gaza legitimate - they are not homes any more but military industrial locations.

Justin from Georgia said...

A fantastic analogy, Mr. Lozowick.

As an American gun enthusiast, as well as an unending supporter of Israel, I have often had debates about these very rockets and comparison to firearms is apt. It is, likely for various reasons, almost always those who despise American gun ownership who also denounce Israel the most and despise it as a nation, as well.

They continuously support "Palestinian" (Arab) intifada, even when it means the murder of innocent Israelis with rockets, bombs, and even guns, but they denounce Israelis who want to defend themselves. Similarly, they denounce gun owners in America who want to defend themselves from criminals, just like Hamas is a gang of criminals.

Loved your book, by the way.

Vergil J. said...

Also the terminology home made rocktes is senseless.

Use a plastic knife to kill somebody, nobody cares if it was a plastic knife, when the person is dead.

greetings from germany

Anonymous said...


One of the best things, now, is that information travels through the Net.

One of the places I go to, daily, is over at Lucianne's. Where I enjoy reading the comments more than the articles that are posted. Why is that? Because a good comments' section draws wide opinions. And, so many people are so aware of what's going on, that they can actually make you laugh.

Also, you don't have to be Jewish to see that Israel is getting lots of support!

And, good for the IDF, for all the years of training that went into providing troops with the BEST! Including, at home, are parents who want to see their kids succeeding.

It's the strength and backbone of Israel! Drafted into service. And, enthusiastic! What other country can lay claim to the hearts & minds of the People?

You bet, the world takes notice.

And, yes. It's good to see Olmert, Livni and Ehud Barak being so sure-footed.

You also know the foreign press is still not allowed into gaza. If you think this enables them to "re-write history," I'd venture a guess to say you were wrong.