Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things an Israeli Leader must Consider

Israel's enemies are getting ever shriller in their condemnation of Israel's colonial brutal genocidal expansionist behavior. Meanwhile, an Israeli prime minister not up for re-election, explains to the mothers what his considerations were before putting their sons in the way of harm:
I thought a lot about you since the start of the operation, and even more so as the decision to launch a ground operation approached," Olmert said.

"I hesitated with myself and with my fellow ministers as to whether there was another step, another measure, another effort that we haven't made before sending the boys to a place full of risks, a place from which some of them may not return.

"This morning, I can look each of you in the eye and say that the government has done everything it could before decided to launch the operation. This was an inevitable operation."

Separate universes, aren't they, the one we're in, and the one they say we're in.

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