Wednesday, September 2, 2009


In the previous post I quoted a comment left by one anamolousNYC at Modoweiss. So then I went to look at who this guy is. He doesn't have a blog, he's got a Fliker set of photos, but he argues with some of his commenters.

I'm not going to argue with him, that would be totally purposeless. The man (if he's a man: how are you supposed to know with these annonymous folks?) is stark raving mad. He's got a set of beliefs, and there isn't even the tiniest crack through which reality might penetrate. Where I to argue with him, the only thing I'd ask him would be what theoritical set of facts could change his mind. As long as there is such a set of facts, it's still possible that we're having a discussion about empiric findings. If there are no such facts, then we're in the realm of mystics. This fellow is deep in the sick end of the mystic cesspool.

And yet: when you read him it becomes obvious he's intelligent, rather well read, and he writes cogently. I'll bet if you ran into him on the street (in NYC, I suppose) he'd look as normal as the next fellow. Hatred-filled souls needn't look crazy or frothing at the mouth. They don't even have to be victims of great injustice, real or percieved. Some of them are regular people, who lead regular lives, and melt into the regular background until you notice their particular deformity. It's not some objective curcumstance that makes them what they are. It's a decision of theirs to be that.


Victor said...

I have explicit permission from my Rabbi to kick Naturei Karta in the balls on sight. Not in the face, not in the chest, not in back, just in the balls.

If they follow Halacha, they can't turn you in to the cops, because that would be reporting a fellow Jew. The most they could do in response is kick you back or go to a rabbinical court, and I think the rabbinical court would rather kick them in the balls too.

Eventually they'll start wondering why they keep getting kicked in the balls by fellow Jews.

Teshuvah is never easy.

Michael W. said...

I have given up on arguing with anyone at Mondoweiss. People on the web don't come to learn and gain new understandings. They just come to find information to reinforce their beliefs.

Shalom, Cherry Hill said...

To Victor,

I like your rabbi-- please send my wishes for 'yashar ko'ach' to him.

Anonymous said...

Rightly so. Never argue with idiots. First, they bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Claudio, Hamburg, Germany

A. Jay Adler said...

Slavoj Zizek is intelligent, rather well read,, and writes cogently - to some. The world tortures us. But some of us have a sense of humor.

Victor said...

Cherry Hill,

It would mean more coming from you ;)

Anonymous said...

Victor, now that's what I'd call "timeless wisdom related in modern language for everyday, practical application."