Monday, October 5, 2009

Goldstone Would Like to Visit Sderot

Goldstone has responded immediately to the letter Mayor Buskila sent him (I linked to this yesterday).

The story of the report has many layers to it, but the chapter about Richard Goldstone himself has to be one of the strangest. He seems truly not to appreciate the significance of what he did - that's my generous reading.


This Is Hell said...

He should be barred by law from entering Israel forever. He's a liar in the pay of Hamas and as such is a security risk.

Matt said...

Yaacov, after Mary Robinson refused the post Goldstone later accepted (because it was clearly a biased mandate), she came to argue that Goldstone had negotiated for a better mandate and that his report should consequently be taken more seriously. And, indeed, the original mandate would not have allowed him even to state that the rockets were war crimes. I would be curious to see how you'd distinguish criticism of the mandate from criticism of the final report -- where do you see bias entering the report?

Yaacov said...

Hi Matt -

I've started to read the report, but it's slow going. I fully intend to write about it, by and by. Probably within a week or ten days.