Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Apartheid Wall

The Egyptians are building a 10-kilometer iron wall along their border with Gaza. It starts 20-30 meters (that's an eight-story building) below ground level, to prevent the Palestinians digging under it.

Israeli lackeys, these Egyptians.


AKUS said...

It reminds me of the way Australia has tried to keep rabbits out of their grazing lands. Not very PC of me, I'm afraid, but maybe that provided the inspiration.

t34zakat said...

The other piece of information buried in the article is that the Egyptians are gassing and /or collapsing the tunnels while people are still inside.

Shall we expect protests outside Egyptian embassies worldwide tommorrow?

Bryan Z said...

Don't be silly, it's not an apartheid wall! It's a brotherhood wall, or, if you want to sound socialist, a solidarity barrier.