Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contrarian Readers

Most people, so goes the current accepted wisdom, imbibe news and punditry only from the part of the political camp they feel comfortable in. So I'm proud to inform that two occasional readers of this blog, Jay Adler and ShrinkWrapped, have set up what seems to be a civil forum on which they disagree on stuff. Yet for all their disagreements, they both come by Ruminations from time to time.

MSM look out, here we come!


A. Jay Adler said...

Yaacov is becomingly modest; daily is a bit more frequent than occasional or from time to time. And an appreciation for him is one of the few things ShrinkWrapped and I have in common. Duck!

ShrinkWrapped said...

I have to agree with Jay: I have Yaacov on an RSS feed. Luckily, we disagree on a great many other things so fireworks may yet ensue.