Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Note on Blogging

The stats on this blog have been inching up for a while, which means some of you are newcomers. If you ask the old-timers you'll hear that I've been known to shoo off readers and suggest they spend their time doing better things. Other-times I drop off the screen for a while and devote my time to my day-job. So if you wish to stick around you should know that blogging can be uneven over here. Today, for example, I don't seem to have been around. A client had a minor crises and I had to go over and deal with it.

In the meantime, feel free to read Anne Applebaum's take on the Climate Shindig in Copenhagen. You could almost think she's a reader of mine - that, or great minds think alike.


Eckhard said...

Dear Mr Lozowick,

you won't succeed in shooing me off, well, I'm not completely new. I have been reading your blog for almost one year and it's always been an important source of inspiration, particularly when getting into trouble with friends who think they have to be "very" critical of Israel. The problem (I don't know if it's really a problem): Mostly they don't react.
Eckhard Benz-Wenzlaff
The Hague / originally from Stuttgart / hopefully next year in Jerusalem with a group of the German Protestant Congregation in The Hague

This Is Hell said...

Well sir if you simply resorting to blogging about other bloggers and whining about them when they disagree with you, you too could be the next Glenn Greenwald. Original ideas, critical thinking are not a requirement. Even sanity isn't a requirement. All you need do is espouse a barely concealed raging antisemitic, antiamerican rage and you could be the next highly (or at least better) paid so called important bloggers; Joan Walsh might give you a slot on Salon like she did the infinitely oily John "Juan" Cole. Or perhaps the overt neo nazi ravings of DailyKOS are better.

See the point is, blogging is just circus. If you're well paid it means you're part of that circus.

Eckhard said...

thanks for your comment. As long is I need a dictionary for reading and writing in English you are certainly doing a far better job than I do. Compare me with whoever you want (I don’t know very much about Glenn Greenwald), call it circus and myself part of it, for me it’s not. And certainly I do not have such original ideas as you have. But there are still enough discussions within my environment – all I wanted to say is that this blog has given me some informations and reflections that helped me to dispute critical and false mainstream thinking about Israel. And I know it’s never enough that has to be done.