Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can You Be Fed Up With Reality?

Rahm Emanual, so they say, is fed up with the Israelis and the Palestinians. Shmuel Rosner has eight reasons not to be impressed:

6. Maybe it's time to admit that diplomacy - and dealing with the Israeli-Arab peace process - should not be Emanuel's job.

To which I'd add a ninth. What Israelis and Palestinians have in common but everyone else lacks is causality. Decisions we make impact on our lives, and we can't walk away. Silly students can grow up; American presidents in their final weeks of power can look forward to high lecture fees; European diplomats can always turn it off when they're posted to China or Bolivia. Israelis and Palestinians together will have to live and die with the decisions they make.

It's a big difference.


Victor said...

Check this out:

America Stop Fighting for the Jew

America Stop Fighting for the Jew...ish State

Oops! Now if only Abbas would adopt such language, there could be peace in our time.

(Hat Tip DivestThis!)

NormanF said...

And both Jews and Arabs like the status quo and are sick and tired of Europeans and Americans barging in like they have a better solution to all the problems of the Middle East. Some problems don't have any answers.

Rahm, do us all a favor: sit down and shut up and go away along with your clueless and meddlesome boss.

This Is Hell said...

That's just Rahm being Rahm. He's the White House resident loud mouth crack pot.

Anonymous said...

and why should Rahm being given leeway for just being Rahm?

that's the same argument by which all kinds of people are excused for everything i.e. "it is their culture"

Rahm may be Rahm anyway he likes but when performing in a high office he has to submit to being held accountable to the standards of that office.
Anything different is eating the cake and keeping it.