Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some of My Best Friends Are Antisemites

Have I ever mentioned that Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss is a narcissist? Well anyway, even if he is, this demonstration of the fact is pretty funny.

Oddly revealing tho.


Drew said...

Did you ever notice the second point on Mondoweiss's list of four principal aims? No? Here it is:

2. To publish a diversity of voices to promote dialogue on these important issues;

This Is Hell said...

Well I know a fellow who's a convicted sex offender. He's never molested me or my family, so he's all right by me.

I once had dinner with a man who practically was dying to blurt out that he was a member of the Klan. I'm sure he's nice to his mom, cares for animals and attends his church. Just like real human beings. We shouldn't be alarmed.

Anonymous said...

Phil Weiss is just bizarre. This piece is just so strange on so many levels.

On another note, here is Jon Stewart taking on Hamas' incitement of children. Posted on the Huffington Post!


PS. Jewish Week published a piece about the NIF - NGO - Goldstone connection.