Thursday, April 15, 2010


In the previous post I retracted a statement; now I'm going to apologize.

This blog generates no revenue: which is fine, I hadn't intended it to. However, alongside it I've got a real job, or something sort of like one, and in that part of my life I need to experiment with various Internet features such as Twitter and Google advertising. So I've just inserted Adsense to this blog, as part of my testing process. I'm likely to tweak it this way or that, and I apologize in advance for any aggravation.


Anonymous said...

No need for apologies. I love your blog, and you deserve it much more than many other blogs. And EVERYONE are doing it, so why not you?!

Keep up the good word!

Anonymous said...

I'm clicking the ads for you! I appreciate the explanation.


Gavin said...

Strange coincidence. I was running a packet sniffer on my network card & wondered why Googles IP suddenly came up so often on it. Maybe we can all compare ads. I'm getting;

"Meet Jewish Ladies Free" (how does it know I'm not a Jewish lady already?)

"Seek Jobs" (knows what country I'm in)

"Conversion to Judaism" (hmmmm....)

"Wedding in Israel" (I must marry that Jewish lady I'm about to meet)

"Tours of the Holy land" (As I was watching Yaacovs videos of Jerusalem)

I'm bored & can't sleep....