Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clash of Civilizations?

This certainly looks like one.

I've too much on my plate today, and even on the blogging front there are too many things that need to be tended, for me to have time for this topic, so I'm simply linking for future use. Though you might be interested in this second, accompanying item, about the OIC: note especially the very last sentence. Somehow, the Jews and Jerusalem always end up somewhere near the middle of such things, even when there's no rational need for them to be there at all.


Anonymous said...

here's another about something brewing in that vein
- an example of PC's different standards of judgment when it comes different perpetrators - it is a bit of a tangled issue but worth reading it up

Sergio said...

Last weekend, there was this report in an online TV channel here in Brazil, describing the Jewish passover, showing the celebration at the Wailing Wall and,
at the end, the inevitable comment: "...the region is being violently shaken due to the recent Israeli announcement of
new settlements".

I'm sorry, but ...Jesus f*%$# Christ!!

Another curiosity was a brief interview, at another station, with a catholic priest and a rabbi (non-orthodox) on the coincidence of the passover, etc, with that climate of
brazilian religious harmony and all that...The curious thing (though totally unsurprising) is that the central negative role of the Jews in the christian mythology is not even hinted at.