Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dead Boy Walking

Last week some official in the Hamas health ministry in Gaza announced that Israel had shot and killed a 15-year-old, whom they duly named so there'd be no mistake. One assumes they had seen his dead body, or participated in his funeral, or something.

On Saturday he came home, unscathed. Apparently he'd tried to cross the border to Egypt (not Israel), but then turned back.

Hard to believe, huh?


Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Although you link to Ynet, the teen's reappearance was first reported by Maan, and the Palestinian Health Ministry said that they had received false reports from the field and had later declared that no body was found.

It was the Arabs themselves who set the record straight. This gives them a lot of credibility.

By contrast, certain Jewish communities, like Montreal's, continue to peddle the myth that the Nazis made soap from Jewish bodies, almost 20 years after it was debunked by Yehuda Bauer. It would be nice to see a rumination on the subject.

4infidels said...

It is one thing to report that the Nazis started a war that killed 60 million, killing 6 million Jewish non-combatants in an attempt to wipe out an entire race of people, killing another 6 million non-Jews in concentration camps, conducting medical experiments on humans and more atrocities than I could sum up in ten hours. But apparently the Jews made up a story about soap and has cast a negative light on the whole Nazi experience.

You are sick, Ibrahim. Very very sick.

Arabs are credible, Jews are liars. That is now your argument.

Why don't you have the courage to just come out and say I, fake Ibrahim, am an anti-Semite?

NormanF said...

Its an illustration of the existence of G-d.

He makes things right, because He must. There is no such thing as coincidence, mere chance or blind fate in the world.

He is behind everything and for that He is owed our thanks!

Sylvia said...

You know very well (with a name like yours, I assume you are Arabo-Muslim since others have been prohibited from using Ibn patronyms since the 13th century) that had the family believed he was dead, they would have set up a mourners' tent within twenty-four hours. They didn't because the IDF told them they didn't kill the boy. Had there been the slightest possibility that it happened, the army would have done everything possible to recover and return the body. So Hamas did exploit the lie for propaganda purposes for a few days. But they had o come out with the truth eventually for religious reasons. They may fool Allah some of the time, but not for ever - at least not publically.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very grateful if you did me a favour and told me in plain language who first published the myth of the dead boy and who debunked it. It seems everybody agrees that Hamas invented the story and according to you "Arabs" debunked it.

Which leaves me with the question:
... which Arabs precisely??? Hamas, PA, some other entity and whose branch thereof and once you'll have let us partake of your no doubt most excellent detailed knowledge of the media reports in the matter in becoming accuracy we may all judge for ourselves WHY the "debunkers" were graceful and ethical enough not to let another Al-Durah take roots.

Victor said...

The BBC has STILL not retracted the story! It's been FOUR DAYS! I emailed them just now.

Anonymous said...

how I wish you had caught them on something but they published their "April, April" of the story one hour before Ynet (Yaacov's link) did.

AKUS said...

Very appropriate for Easter.

Yet another resurrection.

Sergio said...

Hey, behold, Ibrahim Omar Malade, the self-righteous knight of holy truth!

How was the passover for ya? Mine wasn't that great, ya know, it's ever harder to find Christian boy's blood for the matzo balls. The competition with the Church is terrible these days...