Monday, April 12, 2010

Purveyor of Secret Documents

Shamai Liebowitz, extreme-left-wing Israeli who moved to the US because he no longer felt comfortable being in Israel, found work translating Hebrew documents for the FBI. Not documents of the FBI, mind you: for the FBI. At some point he leaked five of them (5) to an unnamed blogger, who talked about them on his blog. Liebowitz is now looking at 20 months in jail. No-one seems to be claiming he was merely bolstering American democracy, as any good citizen ought.

(How far extreme, I hear you asking? Well, in 2002, when he was serving as Marwan Barghouti's lawyer, he told a court his client compared favorably to Moses, the fellow from the Bible. The judge wasn't amused).


AKUS said...

Well, its good to know - I suppose - that the US "Shin Bet" is as bad as the Israeli "FBI" at vetting people ... it is pretty incredible, however.


NormanF said...

Or the Russian FSB.... if you're going to claim ideology is grounds to betray your country... you will pay the price. When you go into government service, there is a bond between you and every one else to do your duty and to serve as an example for those who will follow you. You have no right to decide what you like or don't like about it is doing since if every one followed their own personal opinion, a government would soon cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

20 months may be a proportional sentence for someone accused of leaking government secrets; threatening an individual accused of similar offences with "life imprisonment" and "aggravated espionage" is, on the other hand, unjust.

Anonymous said...

isn't there a difference between government and military secrets? and if not, shouldn't there be?
Kam stole the documents while in the military? did she have access to non-military stuff while there?