Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Report from Gaza

Here's an interesting report in the Economist. I dare you to find anything - anything - in it which can remotely resemble an occupation in the common-sense meaning of the word. Not the contrived distortion of language which the lawfare brigades have invented to castigate Israel: regular language as the tool of describing reality and imparting information.

The follow-up question, of course, will be: if things in Gaza are getting remarkably better (compared to Gaza, mind you), shouldn't the imaginary Israeli "occupation" garner a bit of the credit?

Sorry. My mistake.


NormanF said...

Israel will never receive credit for helping an enemy on its destruction.

I have this image of Israel feeding a ravenous crocodile, hoping if its stuffed, it won't get eaten.

But no one is going to portray Hamas in that light when Israel is the world's Big Bad.

Anonymous said...

I see on opening the site an adventurous well muscled and lighted very enticing young man who should appeal to women and men of all ages on a lot of levels. Who wouldn't want to sit around a campfire sipping tea with him and imagine him/herself participating in something noble, upright and beneficial to mankind with hopefully something else, once the tea is finished.
Having read only one Karl-May-Novel supplies enough background to feed the longing at least for all those sitting paper-pushing at a desk when coming across it.

No matter what will be written in the article (which I will read) that picture will win.

Meanwhile Moustafa Barghouti is trying to lure black America into his arms, reminding them of Jim Crow besides the by now obligatory South-Africa omitting oh so innocently to talk about Arabs' participation in the slave trade - honi soit ...

Anonymous said...

not as OT as it may seem

this morning there is this piece which seems eerily familiar to me as to Obama's style besides the "the president-walked-in" - he does seem to do a lot of "walking-in", either that's his way of exercising or he is getting a cue on when to come on stage most becomingly.

the gist is:
Incrementalism is out, pushing-through is the next thing to come? - wasn't that the strategy applied to the health care thing? - there it reminded me of basket-ball footing I had seen, do a lot of pretty dribbling and then dash through and score and nobody can accuse you of bullying because after all haven't you dribbled all that time?

Ignatius who seems to be a (wannabe?) savvy one on about everything doesn't say what Jones' will bring as opposed to what Mitchell brought who seems to be out. No matter what is in the offing the piece reinforced my feeling that the whole March-Brouhaha was a willfully staged thing. If it hadn't been the apartments they would have built it around something else.

... and now a journalist who is in with the White House or wants to be accuses Israel of "Iranian Style Censorship", could well be one of many many opening moves aka dribbles.

Now they seem to want to offer to Israel the Zuckerbrot (sugar bread) that they'll stop pushing for concessions here or there - how nice but it sets my alerts on flashing red ... because when a boss gets nice with a subaltern he/she invariably wants a freeby

Anonymous said...

... how tolerant you are of the (more than once in he piece) description of Israel as a free enterprise killing bureaucracy as opposed to the vibrancy and ingenuity of Gaza-ans
surely Israel being depicted as a clumsy (marketeer) giant isn't good for it
I think misperceptions creating asides are not as negligeable as you unfortunately used to hard stuff ones seem to consider them - they have a tendency to store really well in the memory especially because they seem like such innocent slips