Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Report on Dead Civilians

If even the Guardian feels the need to report, it must be serious.
At least 71 civilians were killed by a misdirected air strike in Pakistan's tribal zone against suspected extremists, locals claimed today, as thousands of people flee a western-backed military offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida fighters in the area.
Moreover, they're even willing to admit that the story isn't really interesting most days of the year

Separately, the UN warned this week that aid groups were running out of funds for Pakistan's internally displaced people, with 1.3 million still homeless as a result of military operations, including the offensive in Orakzai which escalated a month ago and has pushed around 200,000 out of their houses.

"This situation is not only forgotten by the international community but by Pakistanis too," said Kilian Kleinschmidt, the deputy director of the United Nations refugee agency in Pakistan. "The crisis here is not over."

International interest in the internal refugee crisis in Pakistan had dried up since the 1.6 million displaced people from Swat returned home last year, he said, with an emergency UN appeal this year only 20% funded.


AKUS said...

Of course, had this happened in any arena where Israel was concerned, we would see a week's worth of articles and hundreds angry comments directed at Israel.

No Palestinians killed - no problem. Not worth wasting the Guardian's space.

Anonymous said...

off topic
but I seem to remember that it was you who objected to the treatment of Pessach by the Canadians at CiF-Watch?
I have just learned from a Prof. Franz Josef Kuschel of Tübingen (old old University town) that this usurping stuff is business as usual, Exodus "interpreted" by Christians is leaving death for a new life and part of the Easternight-liturgy - and the hope of the ecumenicals for the future is that there is a "Ur-Symbolik" to be regained.

I find this unwillingness to acknowledge and HONOUR the ORIGINAL infuriating - I mean this is done by the same people who take up arms at the slightest whiff of plagiarism. And it seems to be getting worse and worse
- this sucking up to Islam (we are in the same boat) at the ever so slightly implied cost of Judaism i.e. we, the brothers in heritage, are the better interpreters of the old testament than "they" are.
This just to tell you that you didn't witness a slip - you witnessed a trend in the making.

this is the audio -unfortunately no transcript available

NormanF said...

If the Jews are nowhere near the story, its just an awful lot of local bloody slaughter no one is interested in. When the Jews are involved, all that changes. There is something about the Jews that makes otherwise rational people take complete leave of their senses.

This Is Hell said...

They just haven't figured out a way to blame it on the Jews yet. But wait, I'm sure Glenn Greenwald and/or 'Juan' Cole will figure out how to soon.