Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Africa's Despair

There are much worse problems in the world than hung parliaments in the UK, rioting tax evaders in Greece, nasty Israelis and their frightening neighbors, and even polluted marshes in Louisiana. Problems to make you weep.


AKUS said...

You are right. But, as always:

No Palestinians, no problem.

Perhaps if israel stopped building apartments in Jerusalem the world would turn its attention to this problem.

But I think not.

NormanF said...

The world will never stop being obsessed with the Jews.

Dream on!

This Is Hell said...

I read that in Burundi albino women and children are hunted, hacked to bits and eaten because 'it is believed' that albino body parts will give that person good luck, health, strength and prosperity. Hey who are we to quibble with exotic indigenous cultures mores? Actually I DO think this is in alignment with the west's autonomic reflex to hate Jews, because for every Jew hated there's at least one 'quaint' Palestinian terrorist, honor killer or thug who's if not praised, is ignored. So it's more or less the same thing.