Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calling All Geeks

Every now and then my professional life seeps over here to the blog. Not often. However, at the moment we're looking for a person with a certain set of abilities, and it occurs to me to put the notice up here, also. If you don't know any geeks in Israel, no need to read further. However, if you do, and you think the following gibberish would interest them, please forward it, and have them contact me at yaacov dot lozowick at yahoo dot com; I'll get back to them from the real address.

A wizard is required to help in final design phase and POC development with web based UI that needs to be top league. Post POC (and naturally assuming success...) lots of work on an application that would be cloud based. The wizard's CV should pass VC's magnifying glass.


Anonymous said...

It would help if you'd specify what language/platform etc are involved. POC could refer to c or some variant or perhaps to php. mysql might be involved. or it might not. It might run on unix but then again, maybe it's for windows.
Web based UI might imply Flash. Or it might not. Or flash might be useful but optional. Extra details would help:)

Laura Beck (Laura SF) said...

I assumed POC meant "proof of concept"? But what I wasn't clear about was whether you were looking for a UI Designer of some flavor or a UI Developer?

I am a Senior UI Designer, but I'm in the States. I can ask around for any Israeli folks...