Monday, May 17, 2010

The Professor on Generalizations

We had a little spat here a while ago about generalizations and if they're good or bad. Jay Adler now tackles the issue in a systematic and orderly way. Fortunately, he also is mostly on my side - so that's taken care of.


Anonymous said...

Rob a "superciliously obnoxious troll" - mmmh? probably he is delighted to be called that.

I also loved this sentence:
"all generalizations are false"
- this sentence reads like a generalization to me and if it is true then either ... or ...


Rob said...

The issue was never about "generalizations" but don't let that small detail bother you.

Actually, as nothing more than a "superciliously obnoxious troll" myself, I'm all for them.

For example, I enjoy reading blogs written by cloth-eared, autistic Americans posing as Israelis and living in the sterile, American colonial bubble ironically named the German Colony.

I also love obscure American so-called academics whom Yaakov likes to call "The Professor" when they are in fact simply a teacher, and probably lucky to have any kind of employment at all.

Yes, long live generalisations. And long live the weird blog cheerleaders like Silke, with their contorted, tangential comments.

Farewell Yaakov, this is positively my last posting on what was once an interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

I would have bet pretty high that you wouldn't be able to resist this one - I am beginning to "get" you - if you come back you'll probably do it as yet another persona

PS: sincere thanks for the cheerleader compliment - you wouldn't believe how I longed to have a try at it when I saw it for the first time - alas wrong time, wrong place

Barry Meislin said...

Isn't there some way we can force him to read this blog!!?

Sergio said...

Bye, bye, crying baby.

Yaacov said...

Rob -

Before you leave you might want to read the post I just put up about America's Jews and Israel's. At least you'll leave with a feeling of vindication.