Friday, May 28, 2010

We See Our World Through Our Cultur

Victor has an amusing post about how folks from Russia see a particular event: it's apparently done differently than in Berkeley.

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Anonymous said...

my favourite - location matters and this reminds me of:
that I read in the piece about this Turkish IHH outfit

on its way to a super wow and posh holiday in Gaza

that Hamas media offerings come in TURKISH also.

As a German-European I say to myself: that's bad news for Israel but potentially also for Germany, if "our" Turks imbibe that stuff via Hamas media offerings in Turkish that might explain why they won't stop scowling at me no matter how genuinely I smile (so many things became so much nicer once Mediterraneans taught us a thing or two ...)

This must be the site, all kinds of languages offered but no German (we are the Europeans with the most Turks), so German Germans can't know what our Turkish neighbour imbibes.

Having reacted like that I wonder whether somebody born and raised in huge America with an ocean left and right would immediately think about implications on and on over the borders.

Judeopundit has a great post comparing Irish and UK Muslim Market, both are vastly different and make German MuslimMarkt seem comparatively tame. I guess an American would presumably say fine that's diversity and diversity is good but Americans have an umbrella thing, why else would they know what's un-American, in Europe I have never heard the word and probably nobody'd know what it'd be good for.