Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Angry Israeli Street

Yesterday was one of the hottest days we've had this year. The kind of hot that physically hits you when you leave the cool of a building, and then gets worse the longer you stay outside.

All the more startling that there seem to have been dozens of demonstrations all over the country in support of the IDF and in anger at the Turks. They weren't mass demonstrations, but they were definitely unusual.

I mention this because it tells of a national mood; and because so far as I can tell, there's no-one in any English-speaking media to tell you about it. Haaretz casts it almost the opposite as it seems to have happened (a few small demonstrations of Jews, and bigger ones of Israeli Arabs); this Hebrew report is more forthcoming, though it takes care to inform us that some of the demonstrations were organized.

Most demonstrations are.


4infidels said...

Fear of the Jewish Street...wouldn't that be something!

"We better not criticize Israel or we'll anger the Jewish Street."

"We better not publish anything that offends Jews or we'll inflame the Jewish Street."

"Arab should show more restraint so as not to create more rage on the Jewish Street."

"The Turks should apologize to Israel so that they can win over the hearts and minds of the Jewish Street."

"Rather than killing innocent civilians, Arab terror groups should seek to gain the trust of the Jewish Street."

"Polls indicate there is outrage on the Jewish Street over a provocation by Turkey."

This Is Hell said...

What would be the harm in at least floating the idea that there will be violent angry arsonist 'protests' in the west? It works for the Muslims every time.

Anonymous said...

what a stroke of genius - thank you! the kiss the muse gave you to do that one was really a sweet one.

This is Hell
in order to have a chance to pull it off you would first have to acquire the image of the "SAVAGE", noble or backward doesn't matter, and the more off-putting some of your customs (FGM) are, the stronger your claim on "authenticity" and the more worthy of protection your "identity" is. Why nobody seems to realize how at best patronizing and at worst racist that is I haven't managed to figure out yet.

to all the rest in Israel
on FreeGaza a woman tweeted yesterday that it was really hot in her cell - so forgive me for hoping that the weather will go on like that for a while longer or even "improve" ;-)


4infidels said...

Thanks Silke...

No joke...on a radio show in the New York City area, a woman from Free Gaza was busy lying when she had to get off the phone because of what sounded like her hitting another could hear the other driver yell, "you were talking on your cell phone," which is illegal while driving in NYC and NJ.

Anyway, she claimed that the group IHH wasn't a terrorist group because they weren't listed as such by the U.S. gov't (actually I think their parent organization is); wouldn't admit that Hamas is violent ("that is beside the point") but was willing to acknowledge that they were a terrorist group since the US lists them as such...and she wouldn't give Hamas money "because I am a law abiding American citizen;" said that she's against any use of violence, but that the passengers on the boat had a "right to resist;" she insisted that the passengers on the boat were unarmed because they were searched by Turkey, which would never allow such a thing; and if I remember correctly, I think she also claimed that Israeli troops brought the pipes and knifes.

Her name is Felice Gelman. Jewish?

4infidels said...

Felice Gelman is associated with Code Pink and was on a panel that included Norman Finklestein (Holocaust Denier), Philip Weiss (Mondowiess blog), Medea Benjamin (Code Pink) and Sammer Aboelela. What a collection: A bunch of anti-Semitic Jews and a "progressive Muslim" gathering to support the fascists of Hamas.

zionist juice said...

talked to a friend today who used to consider himself a leftist.
now he is not sure anymore about that...

Rabbi Tony Jutner said...

This angry Jewish street is precisely what I have been warning against. If Israel was populated by Martin Bubers, I could support it, but instead it is populated by tribal savages. This is why I am calling for a UN trusteeship to enforce the right of return of the Palestinian people, as enshrined by UN 194. UN resolutions are the modern equivalents of the Biblical prophets

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony Darling
I bet you have to stand on your head in order to come up with such stuff - only reversing gravities influence on the little grey cells can make them come up with something like that.

4infidels said...


If Israel had been populated by mainly Martin Bubers, there would be no Israel today to support.

Nice job selectively pretending that international law backs a non-existant right of return, while avoiding that the UN recognized as binding law the League of Nations mandate to create a Jewish National Home in Palestine, UN Resolution 242 which calls for a negotiated settlement with peace and security for all states in the region. Sorry, the Arabs rejected 194 at the time and refused to accept the post-48 borders. Resolution194 isn't binding and the Arabs don't get a do-over.

Anonymous said...

admiring you again