Friday, June 4, 2010

International Courts and Human Rights

The Economist offers two informative pieces on the progress and retreat of the human rights agenda. Here, the ICC, and here, the NGOs.


This Is Hell said...

A key problem with the ICC is they get to cherry pick their cases to serve an external political agenda.

Anonymous said...

the NYT has the piece linked below on the International Court

keep something ready to scratch your head with while reading about the goings on around that whole court enterprise

- for the internationalistas and without-borderers it may be peanuts that's spent on perks to keep the accused in a good mood but how must it seem to "little" people in the countries they mistreated? If I were one of them I'd conclude that the elites/imperialists still know how to take good care of themselves.
If all that should be done to hinder the accused from committing suicide, there is a much simpler solution: at Nuremberg they had a soldier standing to the left and the right of each cell door keeping an eye on the accused but these days that would probably be considered undue invasion of privacy.