Tuesday, July 6, 2010

International Investigation to Condemn Israel

Here's a revealing snippet from the Turkish Foreign Minister:
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Turkey would be satisfied with the ongoing Israeli inquiry if that found Israel to be at fault.
The point, you see, is to find Israel guilty. If the Israelis find themselves guilty, fine. If not, non-Israelis must be appointed who will.


Anonymous said...

and UNRWA's John Ging has been on a PR tour to make sure "it" happened.

On July 1 he breakfasted with German parliamentarians who passed in the afternoon a unanimous resolution beyond fit for decent people to even get near to.
Later on Ging gave a talk at LSE - the event isn't up as podcast yet? and has vanished from their normal list of events (where I still found it yesterday) but still shows up when searched for ... - but never mind the title says it all

Inhumane, illegal and insane: A Medieval Siege on Gaza in 2010

Is there any other country in the world the UN has singled out to send one of its representatives around to "instruct" people on how to view it? and to commit the gross undiplomatic impoliteness of calling its actions "insane" to name just one of the unspeakables.

Once people hanging out in wannabe polite company have decided that you are "worthy" of such labels there is nothing left that you can do to convince them of anything resembling reason.


NormanF said...

The truth doesn't matter. The facts don't matter. And justice doesn't matter.

Because Israel has already been found guilty. And the world expects Israel to either confirm its rush to judgment or else it will appoint another Goldstone II to validate its assault upon the Jewish State.

If Israel by appeasing the international lynch mob, led by Turkey, thought it would satisfy them, the move backfired.

Now Israel is stuck between a rock and a hard place with no good outcome.

Amy said...

I'm not gud at politics, but I fear the worst coming frm the Palestinian problem. We would have no peace until the huge mistake of the world powers who created the state Israel will be somehow repaired.

Anonymous said...

now this is weird

Amy is using the comment section to ask for donations for Mexico? - this is what her name links to

is that a new kind of "Nigerian" stunt? if so it is kind of ingenious as her/his comment seems to want to make the no-Israel-crowd salivate ...


Sérgio said...

The amount of hypocrisy is unbelievable.
Weird times...

Empress Trudy said...

A good measure of Islamist Retardation Syndrome (IRS) is when their foreign ministries start babbling in a nonsensical illogical tongue. It's a childlike dementia similar to Alzheimers.

Sérgio said...

If journalists had some guts these days, they'd have asked when Turkey intends to recognize and apologize for the Armenian genocide.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Turkey - here is a nice piece from the BBC from yesterday about Google and YouTube and Turkey and how Turkish banning mania is hurting its own businesses

Best one liner in there:

(quoted from memory but I vouch for murky and Turkey)


For the past few weeks internet users in Turkey have been unable to access to some of the most widely-used websites run by Google. Correspondent Jonathan Head reports on how the websites were accidentally blocked by the Turkish authorities in their efforts to enforce an existing ban on the website YouTube, which happens to be owned by Google.
iTune link - usually availabe for 7 days

Bryan said...
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Anonymous said...

I would suggest Bernard Harrison, (2006), the English philosopher,: "The resurgence of antisemitism: Jews, Israel, and Liberal Opinion." In it he deconstructs anti-Israel rhetoric among the left and shows its anti-Semitism. He attributes the out-sized outrage among the liberal left to a simplistic moralistic world view instead of serious historical analysis with the passing of historical materialism.

Ron from Portland Oregon