Monday, July 5, 2010

Kill the Messenger AND Blame Him

Ban Ki-moon yesterday blamed Israel for noticing that Hezbullah is turning Security Council decision 1701 and the UN presence in Lebanon into a farce while preparing for war. It's all Israel's fault, said Ban: if they would only refrain from noticing and reporting on what they're seeing, everything would be calm.

Four questions:
1. Could the well-intentioned folks who founded the United Nations in the 1940s ever, in their wildest, drug-induced dreams, have imagined such an outlandish scenario?
2. Is there any reason for Israel not to regard the United Nations as an existential enemy?
3. Will any of this story ever become well-known anywhere except Israel and Lebanon?
4. Can you see why Israelis live in the conviction they're locked in an alternate universe from the rest of mankind?


Anonymous said...

all you want to know about the madness they succumb to one by one you can find in micro-shape at the work-place
- there in my experience even the most laid-back went for it with enthusiasm once affluence was endangered
- if I were a betting person I would have placed my bets on the hunt for Israel to get really going again once the "crisis" broke.

As to the UN (Security Council): could it be that the oh so noble "responsibility to protect" has provided the nutters of this world with their final tool?

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia
Why Does Mobbing Take Place?
"Widely spread prejudices maintain that the problem arises once an employee with character difficulties enters the work force. Research so far has never been able in any way to validate this hypothesis, either with respect to mobbed employees at the workplace, or mobbed children in school. Thus, personality theories are not very valid for analyzing the reasons behind mobbing. What then does research show as its probable causes?"

Sérgio said...

Ludicrous. Ban Ki-moon from earth!

4infidels said...

If the UN wasn't a complete farce, it would be sensitive to such complaints given the history of UN troops ignoring or collaborating with Hezbollah attacks in the past. The UN obviously understands that the "international community" and the major media will ignore this story so that it doesn't even have to pretend that it is making an effort to do a better job in living up to its responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

"enjoy" the picture
- it says all there is to be said
- it is from September 2006 btw
- plus ca change ...


NormanF said...

The UN will condemn Israel for defending itself from Hezbollah. Cue the crickets!

Anonymous said...

I had to google "cue the crickets" and found besides the definition this - I managed just a few seconds of it though but it seems an apt representation of the UN