Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whatever the Policy, Hamas Will Gain

That, more or less, is the message of this article from the Economist. While Israel was maintaining a strict blockade, it was strengthening Hamas. Now that it's alleviating the blockade, it's strengthening Hamas. If one assumes this is true, shouldn't one also begin to wonder if perhaps the population of Gaza likes Hamas? Of its own free volition, I mean?

And note this paragraph:
But keeping Israel’s supplies out will be hard. After three years of reliance on underground smuggling from Egypt, Gaza’s merchants are again buying Israeli. Since Mr Netanyahu’s promise to ease the blockade, an eerie silence has fallen over Gaza’s border with Egypt, which hitherto echoed to the whirl of a thousand winches hauling goods to the surface. Now shopkeepers fear being lumbered with shelves of unwanted tunnel-tattered products, as Israel’s neater goods pour in. In the past, underground traffickers would have organised one of Gaza’s fighting groups to attack an Israeli position in order to provoke a closure and keep trade from Egypt flowing. But as part of its informal non-aggression deal with Israel, Hamas is policing the border and pounces on anyone operating without its consent. [My italics]
Did we ever read about this sort of thing while it was happening? Ever? Even once? No? Did the reporter perhaps just learn it now, and that's why we were never told previously?


Anonymous said...

in office lore who first complains/whines/wells up is likely to win

Hamas has managed to usurp/dominate the complaining/whining/tear drawing field for how long now? they throw people from buildings the world feels empathy ... etc. etc. etc.
whatever they do, they do it because they can't help themselves, it is the oppression which makes them do it, they need to be helped. If shop owners' business now suffers from the easing of the blockade it is probably due to vile Israel swamping the market with capitalism's tainted evil stuff.

decades ago there was a German psycho alarming the world to the fact that due to the welfare state the helpers were faced with a serious shortage of those in need of help (a kind of helpers have a right to help, if there are no volunteers willing to be helped, they must be provided) - sometimes I think those helpers really existed and in their urgent need to find somebody condescending to be helped by them they found as only takers the most gaga parts of the Palestinians neighbouring Israel.


Anonymous said...

wow I just checked amazon, it seems that there is now a whole bunch of books dealing with the Helfer-Syndrom (helper syndrome) so the above was not irony, it is dire reality


Anonymous said...

Smugglers were triggering border attacks to keep their jobs? Sure would explain a lot.

Did anyone ever loook into the stories that Sharon's henchmen were making big bucks off the petrol monopoly to the West Bank? It seems like the sort of thing some ambitious lawyer from an opposing party would make a name out of.