Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Mall is Israel's Fault

The NIF Twitter feed earlier today informed us proudly about one of its grantees:
Our grantee @Gisha_Access illuminates the misinformation about #Gaza's new shopping mall
and sent us to this blogpost, which you'll need to read to believe. It's thrust is that the mall in Gaza isn't really so special, and of course doesn't prove anything positive about anything. The merchandise is very cheap since Gazans aren't rich; 90% of the goods are from Israel, which, counter-intuitively, is a bad thing: it proves that there's no local industry. Anyway, some Gazans can't afford even the cheap Israeli goods that are on offer.

The NIF wants us to accept that they're Zionists who are merely concerned about the soul of Israel. As the old Yiddish saying goes: moychel toives.


Anonymous said...

just the mall?
it seems NIF is a bit slow on the uptake compared to Sky News - isn't that a Rupert Murdoch outfit also?



Sérgio said...

Yeah, and all that consumerism is a bad western influence on pals and a diversion from their most important activity, to wit, Israel bashing.

Victor said...

moychel favors? my yiddish is rusty, Yaacov, help me out

do you mean moyel/mohel toives? the "favor" done by a mohel, i.e. circumcision?

Sorry to be killin' the joke :)

speaking of languages, Silke, I've started reading some German again; trying to pick it up back after a ten year stretch. once upon a time, I could almost carry on a conversation

Empress Trudy said...

A radical liberal is someone who wants to repeal the industrial revolution as long as they keep their Macbook.

AKUS said...

And the extensive water park is clearly a Zionist plot to poison and perhaps drown the children of Gaza.

There seems to be no end to self-delusion by those who hate Israel. If any proof is needed that anti-Zionism is really just anti-Semitism, these delusional comments are the proof.

If there's no mall, it's Israel's fault. If there is a mall, it s Zionist trick.

AKUS said...

NIF writies:

"Sixty-one percent of households in the Gaza Strip suffer from food insecurity,"

Food insecurity? That's a new one! A bit like the ads on TV that invent new diseases such as "restless foot syndrome"

What's insecure about having a guaranteed supply, courtesy of the Western antions, via UNRWA?

BTW - something like 20% of American children suffer from food insecurity, shockingly enough.

Anonymous said...

the women in my mother's family were afflicted by "wild legs" (wilde Beine) as they called it (I luckily am spared) and which seems to me to have been restless foot syndrome.

They coped via constantly stitching and knitting this or the other whenever they wanted to sit still - it kept their legs quiet - but probably there's more money in pills than in fibers. ;-)


Anonymous said...


Seems to me that 30% of Israeli children live in families that are in poverty too. would be nice if the maroons who think that the Palestinians' only option is "resistance" would see the connection between Arab rejectionism and poverty in both communities.