Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hard to be a Palestinian Professor

Prof. David Newman, a staunchly left-wing Israeli professor at Ben Gurion University, explains why boycotting Israeli universities is a truly dumb idea. He offers a number of interesting reasons; I found this one particularly interesting:

In most cases, it is the Palestinian side which prefers to keep the project out of sight of the media. Important groups within Palestinian civil society, such as trade unions and academics, are highly critical of those who want to cooperate on a basis of equality when, in reality, there is no equality – political or economic. They are uncomfortable with the thought that through cooperation they are, de facto, legitimizing the occupation. Palestinian academics who work with Israelis find the political pressure to bow to the anti-intellectual logic of the boycott campaign difficult to deal with.


NormanF said...

Ya'acov, David Newman ia an anti-Zionist extremist. And so is the guy who replaced him as chairman of BGU's Political Science Department, Neve Gordon.

What I find a poignant irony is the same people who have demonized Israel relentlessly for years, denounced it as an apartheid state and called for a one state solution, now complaining about the evils of a boycott of them!

Hey Newman and Gordon, if the shoe fits wear it! Its hard to be a pro-Palestinian professor at an Israeli university these days, especially when your own livelihood is on the line.

Now that's interesting, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Another voice against boycotts - Qanta Ahmed, MD: