Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Popular on Twitter

This fellow has 65,000 followers on Twitter,and himself follows no-one. Self confident bloke.


Anonymous said...

and YouTube doesn't ban its videos like it is doing now with Memri

as the Elder notices

- deeply disappointed though, what kind of a bell is that striking from the outside - Brits!!! ;-)

Michael J. Totten said...

Surely he's making fun of Twitter. All he writes is BONG BONG BONG over and over again.

Anonymous said...

oh, Michael
but you are so wrong!
look at it again, don't you see the variations in emphasis and the deep deep meanings and high spirituality transferred by the differences in Bongs?

every pupil in a German high school having been tortured into adeptness at "interpreting" poems could give you pages and pages of huge insights in the difference between Bong and Bong Bong to name only the most simple.

Really I am a great and devoted fan of yours, if you should be THE Totten, but now I am worried, did I read you wrong? are you not the clear-headed Michael I admire?