Monday, January 3, 2011

Blaming the Jews for Murder

The Iranians, Hisballah, and some Egyptians are all blaming the Jews for the mass murder of Copts in Alexandria. They seem all to believe it, too. Antisemites generally believe their lies; never underestimate them.


Barry Meislin said...

Indeed, the Zionists (I mean Jews---no, I mean Zionists) have infiltrated the Egyptian Security services:

NormanF said...

Its not new.

Its a modern version of the medieval blood libel and just as deadly.

Never underestimate just what anti-Semites capable of unleashing. Jews shouldn't be quick to dismiss it,

Anonymous said...

Thats nothing new. You remember?

A Danish person draws cartoons showing Mohammad. In other words, a christian offends a Moslem.

So why should I care about it? I did not offend anybody and nobody offended me.

Iran: the zionist have to be blamed

It all seems to be a joke doesen't it?

zalman said...

and apparently the Bilin tear gas death is bogus:

AKUS said...

What is worse, IMO, is that the Egyptian authorities, up to and including Mubarak, no perfectly well that this is nonsense, but refuse to say so.