Monday, January 10, 2011

Guardian Regrets Killing of "Palestinian" Man

Well, the actual headline in the Guardian said Israeli military "regrets" killing wrong Palestinian man in Hamas raid. But I think my editing of the quotation marks is better. Or at any rate, no less idiotic.


Silke said...

judging from the headline and the teaser I thought this was mostly of the by now boring me Assange but then I read it anyway and found it most interesting on

The Guardian

mostly because it seems like they still have access to more money than I had hoped.

Sérgio said...

I think "the guardian" still "thinks" it´s a serious "jornal".

Now, just imagine the amount of quote-quote they´d have to use each time a hypocritic imman or representative of islamic center of who-knows-what "regrets" and "condemns" the last atrocity deliberatly perpetrated by their fellow comrades.

Silke said...

wouldn't it be loverly, if a serious newspaper with an immaculate reputation would tell us, whether these horrifying news are truths or exaggerations?

if it were as trustworthy as the IDF in what it publishes I wouldn#t even mind it being biased. ;-)

Silke said...


if Israeli Hasbara is as "ridiculous" as its friends claim, then how come I have learned to trust the IDF

Does that no count as an achievement?
worthy of a wee bit of praise, maybe?

Sérgio said...

The guardian: several homosexuals were "hanged" in Iran. It is reported that Sakineh will be "stoned" soon. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, an explosion "kills" scores of people.

Sylvia said...

The money-trail:

Report: How Arab money is transferred to Israeli Left,7340,L-4011914,00.html

Silke said...


and that doesn't include this system which a recent radio report told me is still so much alive and kicking that real banks are trying their best to curtail it. They aren't successful for one because the system is cheaper, faster and leaves no PAPER TRAIL.

They said it works because dishonesty would destroy a trader's livelihood, so I guess you wouldn't transfer billions or even millions through it, but a lot of transfers of say 50.000 each may well add up to something, especially if the donors are not keen on the tax benefit.

AKUS said...

I wrote off the "regrets" as just part of the usual Guardian smear campaign, where anything Israeli sources say is dismissed as a lie, and every word the Arabs say is taken as the whole truth. Its part of the endless drip, drip media war against Israel.

More insidiously they tried to connect the death of Abu Rahma to the Al Dura affair, which has been one of their most successful campaigns to defame Israel.

The Guardian links Abu Rahma to the Al-Durra affair

Barry Meislin said...

...then how come I have learned to trust the IDF...

What is this, a rhetorical question?

OK, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, here.

The reason is, quite obviously, because the Zionists and the Jews control the media (just like they control everything else).

The fact that Israel is being bashed consistently is merely a sophisticated deception trying to distract you from the truth. Surely you must have been told how deviously clever the Jews, I mean Zionists, are?

This is really the only explanation that makes any sense.

And don't start calling me an anti-Semite. We all know about that ploy. It just doesn't work anymore.

And for anyone who still has any doubts about Jewish/Zionist/Israel-Lobby control of the media....

Important Note: This column is particularly deceptive, so read very, very carefully.

Silke said...


Shame on you!

I see no reason to have any look at that guy's nether region output and I'm sorry I gave him that click and for that I blame you ;-)

Barry Meislin said...

A nasty trick... Mea culpa.... Apologies...

(But one must admit, he is sublimely ridiculous!! Though in that department, his side-kick leaves him in the dust. Ah well, they do deserve each other....)

Silke said...

I had my first encounter with him when I read him and his buddy in the London Review of Books in March 2006.

It sent a chill down my spine and has sent me from news indifference into news Junkydom because it told me in no uncertain terms that "it" is back.

and imagine I needed no pundit no guru no lecturer to realise that, relating it to office harrassment experiences were all it needed to recognize it for what it is.

and he and his idiot companion are still treated as if they had something to say.

Sylvia said...

Indeed Silke this system is a die-hard tradition that started out of necessity in politically unstable countries, but now serves mostly criminals and thieves.
Those "changers" don't necessarily have pignon sur rue. They can be ordinary family men. Actually, I wouldn't put it past those foreign pro-Palestinian activists in and out of the West Bank and Israel to act as "Passers" (both of money and dope).

Silke said...

the German radio piece claimed that to this day the system is often the only possibility to transfer money to family or so in civil war areas - which, come to think about it, throws kind of a bad light on the trustworthiness of NGOs?

Sylvia said...

I didn't listen to that radio piece of course, but it's correct. Because in unstable areas, bank accounts can be "nationalized" and the money may or may not reach its owners. Or take for instance Jewish refugees from Arab countries, who couldn't take with them in most instances more thyan 10 dollars per person. What happened to those who had some money in foreign banks? Nasser Egypt, for example, has nationalized and stolen all the money of Egyptians in Swiss banks. This can happen o anyone at any time. So why trust banks? It has nothing to do with NGOs and everything to do with greed. This is also why Muslims don't trust Sharia Banks with their deposits.
Of course, there are countries today where things have changed, evolved, and people trust the banks.

Silke said...

the Swiss let Nasser take over Jewish bank accounts?
if it was only one amounting to 1 $ that's an unbelievable scandal

When Jews were expelled from Arab lands could they take to some extent at least advantage of that Hawala system or does that work only into other muslim countries?

From the radio piece I gathered that I might as well use it to get money to New York or Zurich or London i.e. wherever there somebody sells carpets or so.