Thursday, March 10, 2011

David Grossman and Yehuda Poliker: Short Spring

David Grossman has written a poem about his son Uri, who was killed in Lebanon in 2006. Yehuda Poliker, son of two Holocaust survivors who has written and recorded songs about his nephew Kobi, who was killed as an IDF soldier, put Grossmans poem to music and recorded it. Here it is, along with the lyrics. (Hebrew). The title: Spring is so Short Around Here

There's a short moment of Spring between Winter and summer when everything blooms, but the signs of its end are written into it.


Anonymous said...

Heart wrenching and maddening at the same time.


Silke said...

David Grossman did the tour-guiding for Ian McEwan who gave this thank-you talk - I haven't read anything that Grossman objected to anything in that talk. (does art excuse everything?)

Something confuses me here i.e. either Yaacov or Grossman or both don't live up to what my MSM tell me describes modern Israeli attitude best i.e. an eye for an eye.

(and if only Israelis could wean themselves from that Old Testament behaviour and adopt the habit of turning the other cheek - which comes so natural to all the rest of us - then heaven on earth would be certain.)