Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ongoing Murkiness in Jaffa

A while back I wrote about a demonstration in Jaffa where Israeli Arabs chanted about destroying Jews, and Israeli radical-left Jews squirmed a bit but didn't leave the ranks of the demonstrators. This set off a bit of discussion among readers, some of whom thought I was slanting the story.

Yesterday the story took a different direction, since now it's the municipality of Tel Aviv-Jafa which is setting out to construct housing meant only for Arabs, and this irks some and satisfy others, all in the opposite directions. To be honest I'm not certain what's really going on, and the few efforts I made today to find out weren't very helpful, so we'll mark this as an ongoing, not yet clear story.

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Zionist Juice said...

the demonstration a few weeks ago could also be compared with yesterday's demonstration of itamar ben gvir and co.