Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shalom Chaver: Farewell, Norm.

Norman Geras died yesterday. I never met him personally. We met through the blogosphere, where we linked to each other from time to time, and e-mailled back and forth when we wished to speak directly. His blog, Normblog, was a fount of erudite common sense; he was especially good when he clearly dissected the silliness of public discourse.

His final post, earlier this month, contained a list of books he had read and recommended. As a tribute to him, people might like to choose one of the titles they've never read, and read it. I certainly will try to.

Rest in peace, friend.

Baruch dayan emet.

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Barbara Mazor said...

I met Norm when he came to New York in May 2012 when he came to a conference at YIVO called "Jews and the Left."

I mentioned I found his blog through your blog. He said he was sorry that you stopped blogging. He missed your blog. I agreed.