Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Over at the Guardian

Bashing the Guardian would be too easy to engage in often, and I'm pleased with myself for having resisted the urge so far. I can't promise always to show such restraint. I do take upon myself to try my best to succumb only when doing so might serve some purpose beyond merely venting my spleen.

Like today, for example.

In today's editorial (called a Leader in UK parlance), the Guardian told us what we already knew, that they don't like Israel. Nothing mention worthy there. There were, however, some interesting little giveaways.

On the immediate issues facing the Palestinian Authority - lifting the roadblocks, dismantling settlements, releasing prisoners, restoring tax revenue - there has been little progress in the West Bank, and none at all in Gaza, which is cut off from the outside world. Israel released 255 prisoners last month as well as some of the withheld revenue. But these are small steps, given what remains to be done.

On the distant issues - the so-called final status issues of the future borders of a Palestinian state, the right of return of Palestinian refugees from the 1948 war, and the status of Jerusalem - no progress has been achieved since the last talks ended seven years ago.

See that? Dismantling settlements is an immediate issue, as is releasing prisoners, while distant issues are borders, right of return and Jerusalem. Also, Gaza is cut off from the world. True, Israel actually has recently freed hundreds of prisoners, as well as some of the revenue, and there are no disagreements about the borders of Gaza nor are their any Israeli settlements left there, but why quibble?

I post, you decide.

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Jack said...

You forgot to add that the point of the article was to say that Israel needs to prove it's willingness to accept a Palestinian state, right now. They didn't say how Israel would prove this. Perhaps by capitulating to Hamas?