Thursday, July 3, 2008

Facts over Ideologies

An article at the NYT claims that as the ideologically driven university professors of the baby boomer generation begin to retire, they're being replaced with a younger generation more interested in facts than in ideologies.

Maybe someday the Juan Cole model really will disappear. This will be good for the world.


Lydia McGrew said...


Anonymous said...


Now, it's only a matter of time!

Yes, college campuses went nuts. And, have gone through lots of changes. Since I'm old "enough," let me help you out.

Back in the 1950's the incoming students, ten years into the GI BILL, were basically older. And, competent men, of WW2's generation, "who could do the math."

They became accredited. And, even in lots of Jewish instances; these "boychicks" were the first generation to see college paper.

Of course, during the 1950's, you could call things "THE EISENHOWER YEARS." Broadly stroked, he was an anti-semite. And, quite a liberal. So he worked with LBJ, who ran the senate with an iron fist; and he laid the groundwork for the "swelling of the American beauracracy." Adding, I'll point out, cabinet chairs that took States rights, and put them into Federal hands. (Like health, education, and welfare.)

Perhaps it was this? Perhaps it was JFK's broad daylight assassination. Perhaps, it was just meant to be?

But flashing forward there were changes in sexual mores. And, even more changes on America's college campuses. PLUS, a revolt to the draft. As just like now, Americans aren't happy having to fight in foreign countries. A rule that applied to Korea. To Vietnam. And, now applies to the arabs, where we are stuck in Irak. Good or not, "loved" it isn't.

Anyway, once upon a time a neer-do-well American kid, could grow a long beard. And, continue to go to college (because the rates were cheap); for so many years, he'd spend more time in college than anywhere else. It wasn't uncommon to find 32-year-olds spouting communism; never showering. And, also claiming they could get laid, at random, anytime. Where they hung out in student unions.

So, today, you have a few retiring professors who hold access to the switches made in the credentialing process. In other words? To even out how many White men once went to college, just about anybody with a difference in skin color or gender, could get Ph.D'd. Worthless.

That's the bottom line. The credentials, sans math skills, becae worthless. While all Asians who have excellent math skills, can go to American colleges at reduced rates. Just to make for "diversity."

Since my son went to Harvey Mudd, this is how I discovered the secret. Women weren't known to try out for engineering schools. But Asian women, as I said, have the advantages. Of gender. Coupled to excellent math skills. My son's tuition was full price. A beautiful Chinese girl's, on the other hand was $6,000 annually. And, so she opted for Mudd, because it cost less than UCLA. I kid you not.

But schools, today, are tethered to extremes. Loony-villes, actually. Very similar to the media. Where the people who are "IN" cannot communicate with mainstream. So they print and say what they do. And, the economy tears at them! Well,losing viewers and subscribers can be bad news. But only if you can do math. Otherwise? Gee, isn't red ink prettier than black?

The Internet, ahead, will replace ALL.

The other good thing to know is that in the 1980's, as computer technology burst forward, MIT wasnh't even giving courses. And, a lot of kids made fortunes just working out of their parents' garages. Bill Gates is the most famous. But there were plenty of others. Which means? If you can do the math, you're going to succeed.

Heck, in Japan, where they are technologically savvy ... it was the kids ... who took cell phones to a whole new level!

We forget how young people can be when opportunities present themselves.

Just as I can remember how old BUMS could be; but instead of hanging out on New York's Bowery. They hung out, instead, at the Student Union.

Of course, when the fees go up, up, up, and away, things change.

You can see this, today, with gas prices. Even before it reached $4 a gallon, in Los Angeles, I noticed that the freeways here aren't seeing the same volume of traffic.

Imagine that. You can change "customs" when things you once could afford, becomes to expensive to maintain.

Heck. If you can stand the business comparisons; the kids, here, in the USA, made Starbuck's $4 dollar's a container, coffee, "routine." Now? Starbucks has to close 600 stores.

So? First you see the scaling back. But sometimes? It's more like flood waters.

In 1927 the Mississippi had one of those flood water episodes that was said to be the worst flooding in 100 years. Guess what? We've just had this, again. Nature. Doesn't change all that much, when you're looking to detail real powers.

And, the phony stuff that's been blowing around, and dying slowly on the vine. As a new way approaches.

Where you can go to the Internet, and see something half a world away play out. Especially if the visual is less than a minute long. And, has a super-duper conclusion.

Good guys win.

Professors? Maybe, it will be left to Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, to detail why college professors lacked "something." Sort'a similar to the Catholic Church having to deal with its recruitment of pedophiles. (Did you know that today, less kids are prone to waste time as alter boys? More than likely happy to be home, instead, playing Nintendo.) Life goes on.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That would be a bit of wishful thinking, I am afraid. Coles brees little coles.

Anonymous said...


Nah. Cole doesn't breed "the next generation of Cole's," because of the ways the systems work.

Let me explain.

When the Mayflower was blown off course, there were 150 people on board that wooden boat. And, they soon realized their "charter" ... written to protect the people who put up the money to send them; wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Because "off course" meant the borders mentioned in "that" document was meaningless.

So, on board the Mayflower, were two groups. Only 75 of the Pilgrims. And, they didn't trust the others. Which is why ON the Mayflower, they wrote their "compact." Not from trust. But from a lack, there of.

What happens next?

If you want to believe the kids are the same as their grand parents, you'd be wrong. As the kids become adults, they push out, instead.

And, from Plymouth Rock, that meant pushing out into the hostile forests. Which was preferable to staying. And, living at home. In a growing compound.


Check this out.

You cannot commit what future generations will do. Since lots of them, especially if they can afford it, move, and move away.

Then? Old folks wait for visits.

Given how intertwined the Mother Church was in the events that led to the Holocaust; it's just an amazing thing, today, to recognize the changes that have already occurred.

In other words? The Pope's no longer Italian!

Won't be an American, either. Today's Catholic faithful are spread into Central and South America. And, beyond. Where communism also roosts among the many who have no real chances to leave their 3rd world, or 2nd world status' behind. That's just the way it is, folks.

Change is happen rapidly.

As to the old media? They are dying. They've lost customers. They've lost subscribers. And, they've lost viewers.

Even those who "count" American TV viewers, are defining the "new group of viewers as being over the age of 50."

Even if you don't see or smell these changes. They are there.

As to the story that came to pass when Moshe Plesser was clearly shown, wearing a blue tee-shirt, and having a gun in his right hand. As he was standing on the moving FRONT LOADER cab, was how quickly the terrorist was stopped.

And, anyway. Cole's attempts to add libel to the story only satisfies the queers who believe in this crap. But it doesn't sail.

You can use Ronald Reagan's description of how important the VISUALS are! To how meaningless the words were that were thrown at him.

Alas, for Bush. He can't do visuals well, either. Just unsuited for the job.

Now, if you want to talk beyond the episode, you'll notice that there were lots of Haredi men who wouldn't be willing to drive a tractor. Or a bulldozer. Even the IDF can't train them to drive a Merkeva. Why is that? I do not know.

But if hiring palestinians to drive heavy equipment EVER made sense! It stopped. When Moshe Plesser had to pull the trigger.

Ya know, if you scratch back to June 1967, what the arabs got, instead of Jordanian rule; was the fact that Israel BROUGHT THE TOURISTS!

You'd think arabs would like that very much. (And, yes. Many do.) But they can't stop their own goons from doing harms to tourists. And, so they lurk, now, in the shadows.

While the two Ehud's fought for the right to finally tear down the houses of two terrorist families. It's as if swept up into what happened a few days ago, was a repeat, in the news, of what had happened in March. At the Mercaz Yeshiva.

All in all a very positive outcome.

Israelis advanced on the global scale, because collectively, they earned respect.

In the future? You can think of ways of stopping these individual terrorists. Because? Governments own water cannons. Helicopters. And, what not. That can be brought in to stop the hyenas.

There will always be hyenas.

And, yes. The press is owned by the bad guys. So what? THeir businesses, just like the Mother Church's, is dying on the vine.

No need to panic.

Anonymous said...


Yup. Time has a way of curing the seeds of one generation's discontent, with new input.

Today, in Germany, a German man walked over to the wax figure of hitler, and pulled its head off. When I saw the headline I wanted to know more. Given that this happened in Berlin.

Sometimes, you can learn from the behaviors of ONE. Just as you can learn that when time passes, people RE-EVALUATE "a situation."

I've been saying for the longest time that hitler did more harm to germany than he did to the Jews. I know. Because the Jews have recovered. And, the ways in which Judaism was practiced in Europe has been changed forever.

Of course, it was the old-timers who gave breath to this new strength.

While for the germans? For them to see "greatness" they have to look back in time. And, they have to wonder what was this crazy fascination with hitler?

So a 41 year old german man, in Berlin, was angry enough to rip the head of a wax figurine.