Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things You Can Always Rely On

The Palestinian knack of innovation, totally lacking when it comes to positive things such a nation building, society building, or generally creating a better lives for themselves, can always be relied upon to find new ways of killing Israelis. Hamas has praised the act, though it's hard to see how it in any way does anything good for any Palestinian interest conceivable. But then again, since when has Hamas been interested in Palestinian interests as defined in any recognizable rational way?

Meanwhile, another group that can always be relied upon are the folks at the Guardian. I can't link to their front page since it changes every few hours, so you'll have to believe me that their headline about the attack, as posted on their homepage, says "Bulldozer driver shot after rampage in Jerusalem". When you click on the link you get to this article, which has a headline only marginally less offensive: "Man shot dead after Jerusalem bulldozer rampage". That's right. You've got to keep your priorities straight. Those Jerusalemites, they're mighty easy with their firearms, you know, and all it takes is for a bulldozer driver to do a little rampaging, sort of like what a peeved elephant might do, and he'll get shot.


Lydia McGrew said...

Word has it that the police held back from shooting him because of some sort of "open fire" protocols that they were hesitant to violate, and that the man who stepped up to the plate was an off-duty IDF officer who didn't have to worry about such orders.

Do you happen to know what these "open fire" orders are? It sounds to me like they're in need of some serious revision.

Evidently something similar happened at the horrific yeshiva slaughter some months ago. Police were at the scene but didn't go into the building and stop the murderer. An off-duty IDF guy did. And as it turns out, coincidentally, the two IDF guys in the different incidents are related to each other (brothers-in-law or something).

I've said this before: The Israeli government approach is in some ways more like the most pacifist Christian approach. This is pretty ironic. For example, giving police orders that they aren't supposed to shoot bad guys or are supposed to hold back or try a bunch of other ways first, even while the bad guys are crushing people with a bulldozer, is what one might expect from some government run by a bunch of Christian socialists with a confused notion about the meaning of "turn the other cheek." And the same for the non-response to the various Sderot attacks.

It's very ironic that Israel doesn't get more credit from the pacifist leftists for this nearly suicidal level and variety of types of restraint.

Yaacov said...

Hi Lydia -

I don't think your information is correct. The fellow who eventually shot the murderer was a policeman, not IDF, tho from a sort of SWOT unit. The others, who didn't shoot, were probably simply not responding correctly. In spite of what one thinks, in the moment of truth it's not easy to kill another human being. Unless you're the kind of person for whom it is easy.

Anonymous said...


NO conventional means. Not in the attack; and not in how fast Israelis were to stop the arab-rat.

Because it's closely being reported. I awoke to see this headlining at Drudge; I realized that it's not the diplomats, and it's not the journalistic "pundits" who are getting this visual story across.

It's the fact that once the bulldozer started to move; the Israelis began to react. And, this time, not only is the perp shot dead. Deader than a doornail. This time Olmert's gonna see to it that the "house comes down." Leaving the family who carried Isareli papers out in the lurch. Naybe, the survivors can go live in gaza?

It story also contains the words that there was another attack a few months ago, at the Mercav Yeshiva. Where Olmert got cold feet. And, the perp's home was left standing.

Not a bad day to notice how news circulates around this world.

And, no. You can't put a conventional army on this stuff; without going savage. And, moving backwards.

Does it get more notice-able? That the arabs, with plenty of time on their hands keep coming up with "new" ways of attacking ... Even when they are stopped at being able to carry explosives? Okay. They seem to get the "first move" advantage.

And, what's the other big one? Why taking passenger airplanes and, at first, just hijacking them. And, then? Flying them into tall buildings. Where this happened in America.

This story has legs.

The evil-doer is dead because an ordinary citizen wasn't afraid to climb up and go into the cab.

Most Americans can figure out that this type of a response wouldn't happen here. (Even though the cleanup after 9/11 was just amazing!)

I love the Israelis! They were serious. And, that is gonna be in the waves of the future. As ordinary citizens have to learn how to stop this criminal mentality in their tracks!

My son, who flies, tells me that if something ever happened on an airplane flight he was on? He'd be quicker ... rather than not. And, the terrorists of 9/11 ... won't get another passenger jet full of people who listen to them "giving insructions."

Nope. This is not war. War is by conventional means. And, has within it, displays of heroism. Here? Ordinary people instantly become heroic. (One mom even tossed her infant daughter to safety, so she could survive the slaughter.)

IF what the arabs held was the media world and their kakamamie visuals; today, these pieces of crap also took a beating.

In real time!

Lydia McGrew said...

Well, I know this may possibly be a false report, but Fox News has definitely reported that it was an IDF guy on leave. I've seen the video, and he's definitely wearing no uniform at all--long shorts and a plain blue T-shirt, and he doesn't even appear to have anywhere on him to carry a gun, like a holster. The statement is definitely that he "acquired" a gun from somebody else on the spot and that he was an on-leave IDF soldier. The Fox reporter also states that there was already a policeman wrestling with the perpetrator in the cockpit when the young man shot him (shot the bad guy, that is). I shd. add that the Fox journalist making the report appears to have been an eye-witness and is definitely on the spot, as the whole thing took place right outside their Jerusalem office.

Yaacov said...

Lydia -
Here's a report from Y-net that purports to be the "definitive story", and contradicts itself repeatedly. So apparently the main characteristic of what was happening was chaos, and each individual saw something somewhat different.,7340,L-3563218,00.html

Lydia McGrew said...

Have you seen the video? The guy in the blue shirt and shorts shoots him in the head first, several times. The guy in the blue shirt and shorts is an off-duty IDF guy labeled M. in this interview and named (evidently other sources such as radio have given his full name) Moshe Plesser.

Yaacov said...

Yep. But what the video doesn't show is that he'd been shot already, a few minutes earlier, and had seemed to be dead. Then he woke up again and continued the rampage.

Anonymous said...


I saw on the Net, with links to U-TUBE, very clear indications that the man who went up to the cab was wearing a blue shirt. (He had been on a bicycle. So there was no way the gun in his hands was his. He got the gun from a passers-by. When he asked if anyone had one.)

I saw the four "pops" that came out of this gun. And, the terrorist slumping sideways.

You cannot fault today's cell phone equipment! When you're there, you can capture events with clarity.

Even better. The whole film was under a minute.

And, in the news reports (including one I viewed with the speaker's over-ridinbg voice in Hebrew), you could see this action, again, and again.

In the beginning the FRONT LOADER (it was not a bulldozer), was still moving. When the terrorist was shot, he swayed ... towards the center of the cab. And, at this point, the man in the blue shirt, goes down from his position on the cab; and a policeman comes in with a UZI, and gives the final shot. At which time there's no visible head.

For Israel, this was what's called a blessing. You can't stop the tragedy of the events. Except that Moshe Plesser DID! And, he's the brother-in-law to the man who went into the Mercav Yeshiva in March, and (again with a borrowed gun), killed the killer of the seminary students.

Shows ya how important visuals are in our world!

Because now? Both Olmert and Barak are in over-drive to tear down the houses of the perps. (WIthout the visual from yesterday, the March arabs weren't faced with consequences. Here? This group couldn't even put up one of their "mourning tents.")

Yaacov. The terrorist didn't wake up after he was shot by Moshe Plesser. And, you can go to U-TUBE to fish out the video. Which has been seen around the world.

News travels quickly.

The Internet will save us from the media scumbags, and their lying liars.

You know, Fox News has a Jerusalem office. So, yes. They had a man on the street within minutes. And, as I said, the passing off of the video into the mainstream ... was streamlined.

Israel, yesterday, proves the wisdom of America's Founding Fathers. Civilian soldiers. And, the 2nd Amendment.

As to the terrorists, they'll use unconventional means. No longer so easy for them to "requisition" airplanes, though.

Also, just to show you how news cycles works; yesterday saw an American rescue of FARC kidnap victims in Columbia. And, this didn't even get a back seat to the bravery seen on Jaffa Road.

The other piece? The killer was headed to the open air souk. He fell short of his goal.

And, besides. The arabs know that as a "terror story" they came up looking bad. Don't let that slip your mind.

We live in a world where the VISUALS not only count, they save the day.

Lydia McGrew said...

I can see it now--the liberals will call for a ban on bulldozers. :-)

What is particularly striking is that Plesser was apparently beaten up pretty badly by police when photographing a protest against the expulsion from Gaza. So far from holding a grudge against his country, he fought to get into the IDF and then saved more countrymen yesterday. Yet the media are falling all over themselves trying to make excuses for the Arab terrorist on the ground that (awww) he had built his home without a permit and had a demolition order against his home. As far as I know (I'm _sure_ they'd mention it) the terrorist had never been beaten senseless by Israeli police!

People are amazing.

Lydia McGrew said...

Sorry, that should be "liberals will call for a ban on front-loaders."

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Serial killing by a deranged person. No terrorism.