Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lily Friedman

12:30 AM. We just got back from the funeral of Lily Friedman, murdered earlier today in the center of Jerusalem. I don't know how many people were at the funeral, but it could easily have been 1,000. As we were leaving the cemetery, shortly before midnight, the next one was on it's way in. Bat Sheva Unterman, 34, whose last action in life was apparently to throw her 5-month-old daughter out of her car.

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Anonymous said...


Good to see you home. Where today's events have gone around the world; what with the Internet making possible how people see breaking news.

And, what a hero Moshe Plesser is. Plus, just people on the roadway with cell phones, getting the videos out.

It's an amazing story.

Yes, Bat Sheva Unterman, who wanted a child so much she spent years and years "trying" before "fertility" came. And, here she was with the ending of her extended materity leave; handing her baby to a stranger, for life. As she didn't get out of the way, herself, of the FRONT LOADER.

Turns out, not a bulldozer. But a front loader.

May her daughter live a long life.

Politicians didn't win, today.

Ordinary folk. Taking what comes. And, not being defeated by terror.