Monday, December 1, 2008


Alexandroni was one of the original 12 regiments with which Israel started, back in the War of Independence. Which is why some towns in Israel have a street named after it:


Anonymous said...


Yup. Interesting enough. Everyone's always in search of heroes. Until you run out of names, and begin naming streets after flowers.

Meanwhile, a good piece of history to know circles around "The Boys From Brooklyn." Given that I was growing up in Brooklyn, circa 1948; I knew the Lubavitchers were "anti-the-new-State of Israel. Why? Because it wasn't their Biblical version of events. So, they lived in Brooklyn. And, complained loudly.

Of course there are events that occur that change things. One of them? When the Boys in Brooklyn heard that the heroic soldiers of the IDF, at the end of Six Days, freed Jerusalem; and let Jews back in. Taking the "teritory" from JORDAN. (Always remember your anticedents.)

That's when the Lubervitcher's came in droves. And, handing them prizes would be Olmert. (That's why you saw Haredim surrounding Obama when he visited. Not police. Not IDF troops. But the "new holders of the title "All Things Israel.")

That's the price you pay for Karl Marx; who attracts thugs and extremists to his "ruling methods." And, it's the price, ahead, where Jerusalem is now a city with "special public transportation for Haredim. Who don't want women sitting on "their" buses. Mishuganahs. But you're not allowed to say this out loud to each other.

You think you hear about tearing up territory, so Jews can feel safer behind the UN lines, and you fail to notice what this has become accept logic from within.

In case you thought the extremist rabbis could call all the shots. And, "intimidate" IDF soldiers; as if there's no price to pay.

Of course, nobody in Israel reads SPINOZA. Or is familiar with Martin Buber. Nor do they know in some branches of Judaism, today, women are ordained rabbis. In Israel, the MISHUGANAHS stand in the way of advancement.

Now, if you told this to "Alexandroni troops" at the time they fought so well, back in 1948. They wouldn't have believed this outcome.

But all it takes to wander away from common sense, and common goals, and common freedom, is to follow an extremist rabbi to the end. 40 years. And, he's twisted outcomes into pretzels.

David Gleicher said...

Very funny, but which city has that sign? I've always found it amusing that Israel, with tens of thousands of Anglos living here, has such incorrectly spelled or translated signs. I never knew that the English translation of "HaMoshava HaGermanit" was (at least according to the new Jerusalem neighborhood signs)"HaMoshava HaGermanit."

aiwac said...

Nice :). One nitpick, though...

"Alexandroni" was a BRIGADE (khativa) not a REGIMENT (gedud).