Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Rest of the Government

Obama has appointed Hillary Secretary of State.

Had he said so during the campaign, I'd have voted for him, since as you may remember my main reluctance about him had to do with his aura of not recognizing how nasty the world really is. Clinton doesn't have that handicap.

The funny thing about all this is that in most democratic countries, this whole issue would have been moot. When you've got a parliamentary democracy (most democratic countries do), there's no winner-takes-all scenario, which means that the top person must live with all the other almost-top persons in some sort of a coalition. This means that the voters largely know, when they vote, not only who the top person will be, but more or less how the top team, i.e. the entire cabinet, will look. True, the political pundits always spin thing so they look dramatic, but that's what pundits do for a living, so what do you expect.

As proof of this thesis, remind me, say, on February 1st 2009 and ten days before our elections, to tell you who'll be in which position by the end of March, after the mandatory 45 days of political haggling are over. I may not be able to predict with full accuracy each position of each minister, but I don't see why I shouldn't be able to give you the names of most of the ministers, with a reasonable guess of who will be in which job or which of two.


Anonymous said...


And, Bill "may" take her seat in the senate. These people aren't dumb.

And, it's a good rule NEVER TO HIRE DUMB OX's for your top management.

Obama, so far? Out in the open. Just as he was when he went to Jerusalem, and stuffed a note into the ancient Wall.

From the perfect handrwriting; to the perfect message, it didn't matter to Obama that human eyes took the note into public domain.

But go see RULE #1. Don't hand over to stupid people, that which the State should do. And, do well.

While in Israel? Seems like there's been a bend in the road; and the country is marching back onto itself. Has nothing to do with the Palestinians. But has a lot to do with the Boys From Brooklyn. Who "discovered" Jerusalem after the 6-Day-War. According to Hoyle, this was more Kosher to them than coming to Israel in 1948. Which those Lubavitchers didn't do.

But when they came? Oh, yes. You could raise money; and you'd see it coming in by the buckets-full.

Now? The "superior" woman up on your supreme court, (never having heard of Marbury V. Madison; because that's American Law.) Gave an order that the "Hebron House" is illegally occupied.

SO, the rabbis (the only religion recognized in Israel), gave out a call. And, extremist-violent-yoots toodled in. Just to make "evacuation "tougher" on drafted soldiers.

And, you're worried at what Hillary will do? She's gonna be GREAT!

Oh, and believe it or not, it is the tough times (and tough decisions) that makes reputations grow.

Except for Olmert. His bad times were produced from the ultra-religious, believe it or not. Since, Talansky was just a "bag man" for all the money you can get Americans to donate.

Oh, sure. Economic downturn.

Perhaps, things ahead won't be so rich?

Where's your geniuses, now?

That's why

Anonymous said...


Let's say Bibi's Likud outpaces Kadima's Livni? You think Bibi grabs 40 seats?

You think Ehud Barak has enough seats left in Labor to make a claim on any portfolio?

You think you've ridded yourself of the problem?

Quite to the contrary. The next government will find the Shas bandits waiting for their Education Portfolio. Good luck to ya. Sticking ancients texts into the mix has you completely missing everything that went on in Europe. Where Judaism actually grew.

Well, it had 2000 years.

And, it met with misfortunes along the way.

While those who came to America beat a different path to the doors of freedom. In many cases? Jews became socialists; keeping, in essence, a belief that you take care of others.

And, those who became financial successes? Fell in love with "changing their houses of worship." Just like Karl Marx did. Just like Karl Marx' father did. (Both men sought and received "conversion" certificates from church elders.)

Karl Marx actually got two. His dad took him to church for a conversion; rather than subjecting him to Bar Mitzvah.

How many times does a conversation have to happen, to see that in America, the Boys From Brooklyn a very very small part of the mix?

Sure. They tried to go to Kansas. And, open a Kosher slaughterhouse. Only to find the Feds arresting those that settled there. And, pulling them into jail with a 23-count-indictment. Remember, this isn't LOCAL, this is the Feds operation. Not enough clout with the Mormon's who make up the FBI, to buy even a single "Get Out of Jail" card.

And, you think what happens in Jerusalem, stays in Jerusalem. HA!

Too bad, though, the USA deals with the dishonest nudniks, where in Israel, and more so up ahead, the religious jerks get their free pass.


Better, go read SPINOZA.


You'd learn something. You'd learn that prior to the Holocaust Judaism in Europe was vibrant. The Enlightenment was "CATCHY."

So why can't Israel keep up?

What frightens you the most? How free Americans are to choose?