Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Jews Poison Wells

Neither the Economist nor the New York Times in their respective investigations of Israel's methods of waging war gave any credence to the story of the phosphorus weapons. The story is simply not true.

Yet the Guardian just can't give up, and day by day they repeat the accusation, according to which, yes, the Jews do poison wells.

I apologize for carping so much about the Guardian. The fact that an overtly antisemitic newspaper has 700,000 subscribers in the middle of the civilized world, irks me. It shouldn't surprise me, and indeed, it doesn't, but it impinges upon my otherwise perfect world.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is not only the Guardian it is the BBC also, at least it quotes everybody saying it and it has a "nice" paragraph towards the end describing the damage WP does to the human skin which is certain to relieve Guardianistas of their low blood pressure problems - Note they already are popularizing an abbreviation of the stuff for use by the "well informed"
rgds, Silke