Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Look at Some German Media

I've mostly been concentrating on a few British and American outlets, with only an occasional side glance at the Germans. Here's someone who's being systematic about following the Germans. If I've been giving the impression that the Germans are doing a better job than expected, this fellow, who knows more about it than I, disagrees.


But no astonishment.

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David said...

I am a German. You cannot image what and how the media broadcast every day - TV, radio, newspapers. It really is a shame.
I do not feel better when I see that the same holds for other countries.

Not to speak about discussion with people I thought would be able to think. Very often they know nothing about facts and have no really open eyes or interest for the region, but it does not prevent them for having strong emotions and clear judgements - for the poor and attacked Arab sid, of course, which tries to defend itself against the ugly Israeli aggressor.. Almost no counter argument is accecpted.

It is really not to believe...